Avowed Companion: Giatta

The second major companion we’ve seen for this fall 2024 RPG, let’s take a look at everything we know about Avowed Companion: Giatta.

Avowed Companion Giatta screencap from Xbox Direct

Scheduled for launch in the fall of 2024, Avowed is an action-adventure RPG. Set in the enchanting realm of Eora, which was originally introduced in the Pillars of Eternity series. Companions play a pivotal role in the gameplay, offering diverse encounters and recruitment opportunities throughout your journey. Let’s delve into the character of Giatta, a potential companion awaiting you in Avowed.

Avowed Companion: Giatta

In Avowed, the companion Giatta is of the ocean folk, or Calbandra. They are a sub-race of humans who come from the Grand Empire of Vailia. The Vailian culture is strongly based around the sea. Shipping and trading is a massive industry and most of the ocean folk are involved in the industry one way or another.

However, Giatta Castell comes from a community of animancers who settled in the Living Lands decades ago. After losing her parents to a lab accident, she dedicated herself to finishing their research. Moreover, because this research focuses on the ‘science of souls,’ Giatta may have a strong connection to the main Avowed storyline. Which deals with a devastating plague which appears to be affecting creatures not only physically, but possibly their souls, as well.

“Giatta’s determination is outmatched only by her cheerful defiance to authority.

She carries the phantasmal focus, the very invention that contributed to her family’s downfall. Time will tell how she chooses to use it.”

Official Giatta Description
Avowed Giatta Action Portrait

In the previous Pillars of Eternity games the racial bonuses for humans included defensive bonuses to Might and Resolve. The sub-races do not get their own individual bonuses, so all humans shared the mechanical bonus called Fighting Spirit. Once per encounter, 5 seconds after being reduced below 50% Endurance, Folk (humans) temporarily gain bonuses to Accuracy and damage. While it’s not certain that the developers will carry these racial bonuses over to Avowed exactly, it’s likely that Giatta will have some kind of damage boost bonus.

First seen in the Avowed Showcase during the Xbox Developer Direct which was livestreamed in January, Giatta is briefly seen during a segment on side quests. She is accompanying the protagonist player as they encounter a small band of fighters, and comments that they’re actually a gang of vigilantes. Though she admits that she isn’t one to judge.

Avowed Giatta Cosplay Guide

Avowed Cosplay Guide Giatta page 1

Following Giatta’s reveal in the Avowed Showcase this month, Obsidian released a Giatta Cosplay Guide. This follows their original release of the Kai Cosplay Guide last year. The guide itself includes lots of images which show all of the details for the many pieces of Giatta’s outfit. These include both the clothing elements and colors, as well as accessories and weapons.

Giatta Cosplay page 3
Giatta Cosplay page 4
Giatta Cosplay page 7

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