ESO Stamina Dragonknight PvP Build

The guide gives skills, champion points, and gear for an ESO Stamina Dragonknight PvP Build!

Stamina Dragonknight Bomber
Stamina Dragonknight Bomber

This build has been updated for the Update 40 patch of the Elder Scrolls Online.

Why Should You Play ESO Stamina Dragonknight PvP Build?

The ESO Stamina Dragonknight PvP Build is one of the tops in the game. This build has everything you need to be successful in PvP.  A burst ultimate, damage over time effects that melt enemies, and crazy survivability.  Pick this build-up if you want something that plays well offensive, defensive, group, or solo.  This build plays the hybrid style, blending both magicka and stamina skills and weapon choices to give it the most flexibility in the game.

Below is a general PvP Guide that can help anyone understand and develop their PvP knowledge and skill. This video is applicable for every build and should be viewed if you want general ESO PvP knowledge that applies to all aspects, Battlegrounds, Cyrodiil, and Imperial City.

Incredible DamageMagicka Dependent
Best UltimatesRequires Vampire for Mobility
Amazing Resources


Skill Set 1 Front Bar

Shattering Rocks (Morph of Petrify | Skill Line : Earthen Heart) – Stun that cannot be avoided by dodging and block. Used to setup opponents before a kill shot. I take this morph for increased healing. SMALL GROUP: Use Burning Talons assuming someone in your group has a hard CC like Streak or Mass Hysteria.

Molten Whip (Morph of Lava Whip | Skill Line : Ardent Flame) – Whip gives bonus to weapon damage and a magicka dump offensively. Use this after a stun when an opponent is vulnerable. Build up stacks with Flames of Oblivion before engagements.

Noxious Breath (Morph of Fiery Breath | Skill Line : Ardent Flame) – AoE hard hitting DoT that reduces resistances. This is a must before burst combo to lower resistance and ability status effect.

Flames of Oblivion (Morph of Inferno | Skill Line : Ardent Flame) – Critical buff, 3x targets and instance damage unlike Venomous Claw. Claw is great in longer lasting fights/duels. If you can’t sustain use claw or go with Camo hunter for passive increase damage.

Rending Slashes (Morph of Twin Slashes | Skill Line : Dual Wield) – This is your flex spot on the bar. Ideally, you’ll be using the Master’s Duel Wield setup to nuke down solo targets. SMALL GROUP: Swap to whirling blades, spin to win. Also, use Two-handed Wrecking blow if you cannot stand Sea-Serpent Coil but still want Major Berserk.

Ferocious Leap (Morph of Dragon Leap | Skill Line : Draconic Power) – massive burst damage and great damage shield.

Back Bar

Volatile Armor (Morph of Spiked Armor | Skill Line : Draconic Power) – armor buff that does AoE damage and gives us healing received bonus.

Degeneration (Morph of Entropy | Skill Line : Mages Guild) – provides more single-target DoT pressure, though Molten Armaments is great when not playing a 1vX build. Apply this on your back bar first before launching into combat. SMALL GROUP: Use igneous weapons to give the group a buff. CInder Storm is a great flex if someone else is using this skill in you group.

Elemental Susceptibility (Morph of Weakness to Elements | Skill Line : Destruction Staff) – One of the best skills in the game for single target bursting combined with a Vateshran Ice staff is absolutely insane! If you’re not using the Vateshran back bar setup, consider this your flex spot. MOBILITY SKILL: if not using 1vx setup go with these skills. Vampire Elusive Mist, Race Against Time from Psijic Order or Chains of Devastation from Ardent Flame skill line for mobility.

Coagulating Blood (Morph of Dragon Blood | Skill Line : Draconic Power) – Magicka based burst heal. Use this when very low and relay predominately on Resolving Vigor when above 60% health.

Resolving Vigor (Morph of Vigor | Skill Line : Assault) – burst heal over time. Recast this skill every 20 seconds for minor resolve.

Corrosive Armor (Morph of Magma Armor | Skill Line : Earthen Heart) – defensive ultimate which you’ll need without pocket healers helping you. SMALL GROUP swap to Shifting Standard for more synergy damage.

Gear 1: 1vX Solo

This is meant for 1v1 or Playing solo with very good pressure and damage.

ChestheavyMara’s BalmReinforcedPrismatic
LegsheavyMara’s BalmReinforcedPrismatic
GlovesmediumArmor of the TraineeWell-fittedStamina
BootsheavyMara’s BalmWell-fittedStamina
Weapon OneMacePerfected Stinging SlashesSharpenedFlame
SecondaryAxePerfected Stinging SlashesNirnhonedPoison
Weapon TwoFrostPerfected Wrath of ElementsPoweredWeapon Damage
NecklaceSea-Serpent’s CoilBloodthirstyWeapon Damage
Ring 1Mara’s BalmBloodthirstyStamina Recovery
Ring 2Mara’s BalmBloodthirstyWeapon Damage

Desktop hover for set bonuses, mobile click once for set bonuses

This Stamina Dragonknight PvP Build gear loadout is what I use in open-world Cyrodiil, one-vs-one fights.  It has the most single target pressure and damage in the game.

Maarselok: Obtained in Lair of Maarselok Vet Dungeon, requires Scalebreaker DLC.

  • WHY? Currently, one of the best proc damage sets in the game when playing melee.


  1. Bloodspawn: = best all around for survivability and resources.
  2. Zaan = is truly god-tier dueling or single-target killer monster helm.
  3. Archdruid Devyric = major debuff increasing damage by 10%.
  4. Roksa the Warped = Update 37 monster helm that gives great resource sustain without Engine Guardian droid.

Mara’s Balm: Obtained thru Rewards of the Worth set that can bought from traders.

  • WHY? The best overall for pure survivability


  1. Rallying Cry = great group utility set as well as strong solo with a bonus that increased your offensive and defensive potential.
  2. Daedric Trickery = a great craftable defensive back bar option because of the major buffs.
  3. Powerful Assault = group utility and weapon damage that stacks with Rallying Cry.
  4. Robes of the Hist = great back bar healing set alternate to Mara’s Balm.

Perfected Stinging Slashes: obtained through Veteran Dragonstar Arena (can do normal for lesser version) in upper Craglorn.

  • WHY? one of the best pressure items in the game. you’ll need to drop a skill on your bar for rending slashes master duel wield

Perfected Wrath of Elements: obtained in Veteran Vateshran Hollows.

  • WHY? absolutely god tier damage with destruction staff Elemental Susceptibility skill and Maarselok monster. drop a skill on back bar for elemental susceptibility

FLEX OPTIONS Arena Weapons

If you don’t want to run arena weapons, run a defensive on the back bar, not on at all times, and switch to another 5pc damage set only on the front bar.

  1. Plaguebreak = AoE kills and bomber playstyle with dual wield.
  2. Witch Knights Defiance = great pure weapon damage option.
  3. Snake in the Stars = an update 37 set that counters players using “heal stacking.”
  4. Order’s Wrath = good craftable option
  5. Ashen Grip = early access two traits craftable proc set.

Armor of the Trainee: obtained in overland starter areas or trader.

  • WHY? one piece set bonus that gives us extra health.

Druid’s Braid: craftable high isle gives 1pc bonus just smaller.

  • WHY? another one piece set bonus that gives us extra health.

Sea-Serpent’s Coil: Obtained through Mythic System click here for lead locations.  Used because it’s essentially two five-piece damage sets in one, with nearly zero drawbacks if using Vampire Mist Form.


  1. Markyn Ring of Majesty = great all-around defensive and offensive mythic
  2. Torc of Tonal Constancy = is a resource sustain mythic.

No Proc PvP Cyrodiil and Imperial City

Meant for specific rule sets

HeadmediumWitch-Knight’s DefianceWell-FittedPrismatic
ShoulderslightMagma IncarnateWell-FittedStamina
ChestheavyMark of the PariahReinforcedPrismatic
LegsheavyMark of the PariahReinforcedPrismatic
GlovesheavyMark of the PariahWell-FittedStamina
BootsmediumWitch-Knight’s DefianceWell-FittedStamina
BeltmediumWitch-Knight’s DefianceWell-FittedStamina
Weapon OneMaceWitch-Knight’s DefianceNirnhonedFlame
SecondaryAxeWitch-Knight’s DefianceChargedPoison
Weapon TwoFrost StaffBlessing of PotentatesPoweredEscapist’s Poison IX
NecklaceTorc of Tonal ConstancySwiftWeapon Damage
Ring 1Mark of the PariahInfusedStamina Recovery
Ring 2Mark of the PariahSwiftWeapon Damage

Desktop hover for set bonuses, mobile click once for set bonuses

Magma Incarnate: Monster Set – helmet obtained from Veteran Dread Cellar dungeon (Blackwood zone), Waking Flame DLC. Shoulders obtained from Vendor: Urgarlag Chief-bane (Undaunted Pledge Master )

  • WHY? great sustain for a one-piece item set.

Mark of the Pariah: obtained from Wrothgar overland, Orsinium DLC or bought from traders.

  • WHY? most tankiness from a 5pc in no proc PvP

Witch-Knight’s Defiance: obtained in Markarth overland, (the Reach zone) or bought from traders.

  • WHY? Huge damage increase for no proc PvP.

Blessing of Potentates: obtained in Cyrodiil Vlastarus Elite Gear Vendor or bought from traders.

  • WHY? great damage reduction two-piece.

Torc of Tonal Constancy: obtained from Mythics system

  • WHY? the best value for resource sustain and works in no proc.

Skill 2: Small Group

SETUP 2: Small Group Bomber Front Bar

  • Burning Talons (Morph of Dark Talons | Skill line: Draconic Power) – AoE immobilization and damage synergy for group.
  • Noxious Breath (Morph of Fiery Breath | Skill line: Ardent Flame) – AoE damage and major breach. Engulfing flames is also a great morph choice here if you run with a Warden.
  • Flames Of Oblivion (Morph of Inferno | Skill line: Ardent Flame) – Critical buff and delayed burst.
  • Molten Whip (Morph of Lava Whip | Skill line: Ardent Flame) – Single target spammable that can stack 3x times with ardent flame abilities.
  • Whirling Blades (Morph of Whirlwind | Skill line: Dual Wield) – AoE execute.
  • Ferocious Leap (Morph of Dragon Leap | Skill line: Draconic Power) – Used a defensive ultimate or gap closer.

SETUP 2: Small Group Back Bar

  • Volatile Armor (Morph of Spiked Armor | Skill line: Draconic Power) – Armor buff with a DoT.
  • Igneous Weapons (Morph of Molten Weapons | Skill line: Earthen Heart) – Gives you and group major and minor brutality. Flex skill here is Cinder Storm for good healing.
  • Elusive Mist (Morph of Mist Form | Skill line: Vampire) – Mobility tool and escape mechanism.
  • Resolving Vigor (Morph of Vigor | Skill line: Assault) – Selfish heal, can use echoing for more group synergy.
  • Coagulating Blood (Morph of Dragon Blood | Skill line: Draconic Power) – Self burst heal.
  • Shifting Standard (Morph of Dragonknight Standard | Skill line: Ardent Flame) – Used for major defile and very strong group synergy.

Gear 2: Small Group

Used for small groups when you don’t need a pull.

HeadheavyRoksa the WarpedWell-fittedPrismatic
ShoulderslightRoksa the WarpedWell-fittedStamina
ChestheavyDaedric TrickeryReinforcedPrismatic
LegsheavyArmor of the TraineeReinforcedPrismatic
Weapon OneDaggerPlaguebreakPreciseDecrease Health
SecondaryDaggerPlaguebreakPreciseDecrease Health
Weapon TwoFrost StaffDaedric TrickeryPoweredWeapon Damage
NecklaceDaedric TrickeryInfusedStamina Recovery
Ring 1Markyn Ring of MajestyBloodthirstyWeapon Damage
Ring 2Daedric TrickeryBloodthirstyWeapon Damage


Skill 3: Bomber

SETUP 3: Two-Handed Bomber Front Bar

  • Burning Talons (Morph of Dark Talons | Skill line: Draconic Power) – Lock enemies in place with this.
  • Noxious Breath (Morph of Fiery Breath | Skill line: Ardent Flame) – AOE debuff and damage.
  • Flames Of Oblivion (Morph of Inferno | Skill line: Ardent Flame) – Slotted for critical damage and minor berserk proc.
  • Brawler (Morph of Cleave | Skill line: Two Handed) – Your main spammable with Master’s Weapon and tons of players hits super hard.
  • Molten Whip (Morph of Lava Whip | Skill line: Ardent Flame) – Big damage for single target kills.
  • Ferocious Leap (Morph of Dragon Leap | Skill line: Draconic Power) – Used to stun and knockback.

SETUP 3: Two-Handed Bomber Back Bar

  • Volatile Armor (Morph of Spiked Armor | Skill line: Draconic Power) – Armor buff
  • Scalding Rune (Morph of Fire Rune | Skill line: Mages Guild) – Used to pull in targets with Dark Convergence.
  • Igneous Weapons (Morph of Molten Weapons | Skill line: Earthen Heart) – Used for weapon damage buff. Swap to Degeneration on the 1vX Build for extra DoT pressure.
  • Resolving Vigor (Morph of Vigor | Skill line: Assault) – Heal over time
  • Coagulating Blood (Morph of Dragon Blood | Skill line: Draconic Power) – Burst heal
  • Corrosive Armor (Morph of Magma Armor | Skill line: Earthen Heart) – Pop before charging in for insane damage and damage reduction. Swap to Shifting Standard if you’re playing in a group with a healer.

Gear 3: Bomber

This is designed for huge plague break bombs kills and is weak against single target.

HeadheavyGaze of SithisWell-fittedPrismatic
ShoulderslightMagma IncarnateWell-fittedStamina
Weapon OneGreatswordPerfected Titanic CleaveNirnhonedEscapist Poisons
Weapon TwoFrost StaffDark ConvergencePoweredWeapon Damage
NecklaceDark ConvergenceBloodthirstyWeapon Damage
Ring 1Dark ConvergenceBloodthirstyStamina Recovery
Ring 2Dark ConvergenceBloodthirstyWeapon Damage

Desktop hover for set bonuses, mobile click once for set bonuses

This Stamina Dragonknight PvP Build gear loadout is what I use “bombing” with 


Best Choice


All stamina based races work in this build. Nord is best due to ultimate generation and great resistance passives for players who want more defensive gameplay and high stamina resource pool.

Secondary Choice


The best burst race due to the 12% increase in critical damage.






Mundus Stone

Warrior – Increases Weapon Damage by 238

Champion Points


Food: Bewitched Sugar Skulls GOOD MAX STATS:

Increase Max Health by 4620, Max Stamina and Max Magicka by 4250, and Health Recovery by 462 for 2 hours. (effects are scaled based on your level) Ingredients: Scrib Jelly (2), Flour (5), Columbine (2), Bervez Juice (2), Honey (5)

Food: Orzorga’s Smoked Bear Haunch GREAT RECOVERY

Increase Max Health by 4312, Health Recovery by 406 and Stamina and Magicka Recovery by 369 (effects are scaled based on your level) Ingredients: Red Meat (1), Tomato (1), White Cap (1), Frost Mirriam (1), Perfect Roe (1)

Food: Jewels of Misrule

CHEAP: Increase Stamina and Magicka Recovery by 357 and Max Health by 3927 for 2 hours. (effects are scaled based on your level) Ingredients: Rose (1), Mint (1), Lotus(1), Columbine (1), Bervez Juice (1)

Potion: Tri-Restoration Potion or Essence of Health (tri-stat)

Restore 7329 Health, 6618 Magicka, and 6618 Stamina immediately. Grants Major Fortitude, Major Intellect, and Major Endurance which increase your Health Recovery, Magicka Recovery, and Stamina Recovery by 20% for 31.7 seconds. (effects are scaled based on your level) Ingredients: Bugloss, Columbine, Mountain Flower


  • Class
  • Weapon
  • Armor
  • Fighter’s Guild
  • Mage’s Guild
  • Undaunted
  • Psijic Guild
  • Alchemy Medicinal
  • Race
  • Assault Alliance
  • Alliance Support
  • Vampire

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