ESO Solo PvE Tier List

A comprehensive list and guide breaking down all the solo classes’ strengths and weaknesses ESO Solo PvE Tier List 2023.

Solo PvE Tier List 2023 - The Elder Scrolls Online

This article has been revised for update 40, Endless Archive in The Elder Scrolls Online.

What’s the Best Solo PvE Build in ESO?

The best solo PvE build in ESO is the Stamina Arcanist, ranking S+ tier because of its damage, survivability, and resource sustain.

The Magicka Templar and Nightblade also excel at all solo content. In 2023, the Elder Scrolls Online emphasizes the use of hybrid gameplay, directly affecting solo builds. Classes and builds in ESO now want to stack one major stat like magicka or stamina and still use their off-stat. No longer does it matter what resource type you cast. The game will determine each skill’s effectiveness based on the highest available stats. This frees up various play styles, making certain classes and builds even more powerful.

ESO Solo PvE Classes Tier List 2023:

The Table below ranks and lists all ESO PvE Solo Classes from the best to the worst:

ESO Solo PvE RankClassTier Rank
1Stamina ArcanistS+
2Magicka TemplarS
3Magicka NightbladeS-
4Stamina TemplarA+
5Magicka SorcererA
6Magicka ArcanistA
7Magicka DragonknightA-
8Stamina SorcererB+
9Stamina WardenB
10Stamina NecromancerB
11Stamina NightbladeB-
12Magicka WardenC+
13Stamina DragonknightC
14Magicka NecromancerC-
Solo PvE Tier List Ranking

What Changes for ESO Solo PvE and Classes in Update 40

The current patch is Update 40, the Endless Archive. This update introduced a new solo arena, the Endless Archive (EA). As the name implies, this content goes on indefinitely and is a mix of area-damaged trash enemies with single-target boss fights. Using new information from EA, we’ve adjusted our ranking based on the performance of each of these classes. Moreover, ESO now has their ranked solo arenas with leaderboards, which helps indicate the top-end builds.

However, we will still keep this list focused on the everyday ESO player. Meaning, we factor in top-end performance, soloing world bosses, questing, ease of play, and more. Specifically, gear and the requirement of trial gear for high-performance builds is a major hindrance for most new beginning ESO players. Consider this ranking aimed to give you a blend of information about every class in ESO, so depending on your experience, you can make an informed decision on what to play. Let us continue on the ESO Solo PvE Tier List 2023.

ESO Solo PvE Leaderboards

Solo PvE Leaderboards - The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online has solo PvE leaderboards found in your Journal. There are currently three ranked solve PvE events: Veteran Maelstrom Arena, Vateshran Hollows, and the new Endless Archive. While doing research for this solo PvE tier list, we compiled the rankings of all the classes based on their score (November 2023). Below are the best scores for each class in solo PvE for ESO:

VMA ScoreVateshran ScoreEndless Archive Score
#1 Arcanist: 607,331#1 Arcanist: 314,816#1 Nightblade: 337,000
#2 Templar: 601,104#2 Templar: 313,354#2 Warden: 336,000
#3 Nightblade: 599,132#3 Dragonknight: 303,111#3 Arcanist: 302,000
#4 Sorcerer: 597,771#4 Nightblade: 302,333#4 Dragonknight: 264,000
#5 Warden: 584,479 #5 Necromancer: 301,580#5 Sorcerer: 229,000
#6 Necromancer: 583,592#6 Warden: 301,113#6 Templar: 206,000
#7 Dragonknight: 582,969#7 Sorcerer: 299,268#7 Necromancer: 200,000
ESO Solo PvE Leaderboard Scores 2023

All Classes Solo PvE Ranking – 2023

#14 Magicka Necromancer | C- Tier

ESO Magica Necromancer Solo PvE World Boss -
Magica Necromancer Solo World Boss
Magcro Solo PvE ProsMagcro Solo PvE Cons
Good area damageLacks identity
Great survivabilityNeeds hybrid to shine

The weakest solo PvE Class is the Magicka Necromancer (Magcro) ranked at C- Tier on our list. The primary reason for this ranking is that it needs hybrid stamina skills to do well. You run into the issue of the class and playstyle being overly complex, not rewarding, and weak in resource sustain.

As you begin to compensate for the lack of sustained, you lower your overall damage per second (DPS). Then, you reach the crux of the Magcro problem and choose weak damage or resource generation. Most other classes can hybrid better, lean on improved gear sets, or have a simpler time with a rotation.

The strength of the class is you can play with a ranged or melee spammable attack. The class also has good AoE damage with Stalking Blastbones and Pestilence Colossus. However, the Magcro is held back by its overly complex rotation and weak hybridization.

#13 Stamina Dragonknight | C Tier

ESO Stamina DragonKnight Solo PvE World Boss
Stamina Dragonknight Solo World Boss
StamDK Solo PvE ProsStamDK Solo PvE Cons
Unbelieve damage in long fightsWeak damage in shorter fights
Best ultimate choicesSacrifices survivability for damage
Strong class identity 

While Dragonknights are dominant in all aspects of ESO PvE, Stamina DK comes in at C Tier on our list. The reason is weak survivability in comparison to other stamina builds and classes. The MagDK gives you all the high-pressure damage over time abilities with extra healing which is needed in solo play.

At a high level, the hybrid Dragonknight is a powerhouse in any PvE content. In solo play, it takes you many seconds to apply all of your long-lasting DoTs. These take many seconds to rotate through their full duration. Thus, leaving you without healing and dependent on dodging which drains your stamina.

The strength of the stamina dragonknight is a clear class identity. While not the strongest, you feel unique and powerful with damage. This class is just considerably weaker due to lack of healing than others on the list.

#12 Magicka Warden | C+ Tier

ESO Magica Warden Solo PvE World Boss
Magica Warden Solo World Boss
Magden Solo PvE ProsMagden Solo PvE Cons
Great area and single targetPet focused
Fits class identityWeak resource sustain
Great self-healingComplex

Magicka Warden (Magden) comes in at C+ Tier on our list primarily because it feels like a below-average class and build. Where the class struggles is resource sustain. If you entirely focus on Magicka skills and not a hybrid approach, the Magden runs of out resources dreadfully fast.  Then you run into the Magden Paradox, why not just play Stamina?

The main benefit of Magden is the passive boost in damage for wielding an Ice Staff. This can help with survivability while blocking, and the chilled status effect. However, the overall damage isn’t as high as a two-handed or dual-wield stamden. Most players enjoy this class due to the ice and frost identity. If that is you, consider still playing it, however, it won’t be one of the most powerful in ESO.

#11 Stamina Nightblade | B- Tier

ESO Stamina Nightblade Solo PvE World Boss
Stamina Nightblade Solo World Boss
Stamblade Solo PvE ProsStamblade Solo PvE Cons
Insane single targetLight attack dependent
Great resource sustainWeaker healing
Rewarding gameplayComplex

If you want a highly complex single target-focused build in ESO, the Stamina Nighblade (Stamblade) is for you. We rank the Stamblade at B- on our tier list. This is mainly because of the sheer complexity of the class with weaving and single target focus. The upside is incredible burst damage and great ultimate generation. You can play this class range or melee with emphasis on consistently light attack weaving.

Another weakness of the class is the lack of healing while dealing with damage. This is the main issue with most stamina-based solo classes, they need gear to self-heal passively. However, the Stamblade is one of the most fun and original playstyles in ESO and is still powerful in the right hands.

#10 Stamina Necromancer | B Tier

ESO Stamina Necromancer Solo PvE World Boss
Stamina Necromancer Solo World Boss
Stamcro Solo PvE ProsStamcro Solo PvE Cons
Great AoE damageMelee dominate
Good resource sustainComplex rotation
Powerful healing 

If you love area damage, the Stamina Necromancer is a good fit at B tier on our list. Unlike the Magcro, the Stamcro has better survivability and resource sustain. This is due to using the off-stat (magic) effectively. This frees up your main resource stamina primarily for damage. Moreover, your main spammable Scythe can heal you while dealing damage.

Like similar builds and classes lower on the list, the Stamcro is dreadfully complex. In group PvE, the class excels at providing group buffs and big damage. However, solo it can hinder your fun factor overthinking about complex damage over time and blastbones. Pick this class up if you enjoy the necromancer theme and want something challenging.

#9 Stamina Warden | B Tier

ESO Stamina Warden Solo PvE World Boss
Stamina Warden Solo World Boss
Stamden Solo PvE ProsStamden Solo PvE Cons
Good healingPet focus
Great enemy debuffsWeak resource sustain
High mobility 

For those who enjoy relying on a pet companion, the Stamina Warden is a great choice ranked B Tier on our list. Consider this an above-average class that is good at everything. With better resource sustain, weapon choices, and gear, it’s an improvement over the Magden. Similar to the Magden however is the weak resource sustain. The stamden makes better use of magicka off-stat and fits well into the Hybrid gameplay world.

If you saw our leaderboard ranking, it seems odd that the Stamden is lower on VMA and Vateshran but excels at Endless Archive. If built right, the class can be highly survivable and have great single-target damage with the Grizzly Bear ultimate. However, the endless buff cycling and cooldown rotation lower the fun factor and the ease of play of this class. Other classes on the list do better damage, and survivability, or have an ease-of-play advantage. Consider this a solid choice in our ESO Solo PvE Tier List 2023.

#8 Stamina Sorcerer | B+ Tier

ESO Stamina Sorcerer Solo PvE World Boss
Stamina Sorcerer Solo World Boss
StamSorc Solo PvE ProsStamSorc Solo PvE Cons
MobilityWeak resource sustain
SurvivabilityMelee dominate
Area damage 

If you enjoy blurring speed, the Stamina Sorcerer (Stamsorc) is a great choice coming in at B+ on our tier list. The obvious benefit of this class is speed, but also passive healing. Unlike other classes, the Stam Sorc possesses an innate way to heal through a class skill Critical Surge. This skill is extremely powerful, allowing you to do damage without the need for constant healing. This is what separates the class from others on the list.

What holds the class back from others is the need for specialization. The Stam Sorc can either do amazing single-target damage or area, but not both. You then reach an issue that makes the build focus entirely on one encounter or aspect of the fight, and substainly weaker at the other. However, Stamina Sorc remains one of the most fun and most survivable stamina builds for solo players in ESO.

#7 Magicka Dragonknight | A- Tier

ESO Magica Dragonknight Solo pve world boss
Magica Dragonknight Solo World Boss
MagDK Solo PvE ProsMagDK Solo PvE Cons
Amazing damage in long fightsBuilt for trials
Heavy damage over time classNo execute
Strong class identityBad self-healing

Unlike the Stamina Dragonknight, the Mag DK has powerful area damage and DoTs with healing, thus coming in at A- in our tier list. Depending on the content, your long-lasting DOTs as a DK can help or hinder you. In instances like Maelstrom Arena, these lackluster due to the lower health enemies. However, in Vateshran and others with longer-lasting fights, you see the power of the MagDK.

Resource sustain can be difficult with the MagDK because your main spammable, Molten Whip, costs both mag and stamina. Thus, if you rely on it too frequently, you run out of stamina and can no longer block or dodge. This typically results in death, and what holds the class back. This class and build excel at group PvE and PvP. It can be brutal for the average player without high-level mythic items and trial gear. However, if you have those items, prepare for massive damage and fire everywhere!

#6 Magicka Arcanist | A Tier

Runemend Arcanist Skill ESO
Runemend Arcanist Skill ESO
MagArc Solo PvE ProsMagArc Solo PvE Cons
Great sustained damageFatecarver requires aiming
Has ranged abilitiesVulnerable while beaming
Flexible weapon choicesMust play hybrid to sustain

Similar to the Stamina Arcanist the Magicka Arcanist is one of the best solo classes in ESO and ranked A tier on our list. Both magicka and stamina play relatively the same. The main difference is having a larger stamina pool and access to better gear sets with medium armor. Having a high stamina pool is critical for solo play where you need to bash, dodge, and block. Moreover, no one provides resources sustain synergies and skills for you, so you run out quickly.

However, the damage is incredible, plus you have versatility in your play style. You can play range, melee, or a combination and be effective with multiple weapon choices. Consider the MagArc a great class to level, but maybe swap to Stamina once you reach the end game with better gear options.

#5 Magicka Sorcerer | A Tier

ESO Magica Sorcerer Solo PvE World Boss
Magica Sorcerer Solo World Boss
MagSorc Solo PvE ProsMagSorc Solo PvE Cons
Effortless damagePigeonholed in pets
Best in-game survivabilityWeak AoE
Very simple gameplay 

The Magicka Sorcerer has recently received some nerfs, ranking lower at A Tier on our list. Like the Stamina Sorc, you have Critical Surge which carries your survivability while doing damage. You can rely on pets and it remains one of the most simple classes to play in ESO solo. Moreover, you have better resource sustain due to hybrid skills like Caltrops and Vigor.

What’s changed with the class is nerfs to Oakensoul mythic and staff passives. This has resulted in much lower leaderboard scores in solo areas, mainly due to weaker area-based damage. With the introduction of EA, the Magsorc has fallen behind in the solo PVE builds and popularity.

This class and build is still one of the simplest and beginner-friendly. Moreover, it doesn’t rely on trial gear for survivability and healing. This is a great place to start as you learn ESO and want to feel powerful early.

#4 Stamina Templar | A+ Tier

ESO Stamina Templar Solo PvE World Boss
Stamina Templar Solo World Boss
Stamplar Solo PvE ProsStamplar Solo PvE Cons
Simplest stamina classMelee dominate
Great AoE damageWeaker spammable
Good survivability 

The Stamina Templar (Stamplar) comes in at A+ tier on our list and is the best stamina build for solo play.  The main spammable was reworked previously and Biting Jabs remains a strong skill solo because it does a good single-target and area damage at once. Moreover, it provides the Weapon Damage buff, which is great when you just start out the game.

The Stamplar excels at hybrid play, using Magicka-based skills for a ranged execute, healing, and damage over time. You have great survivability, and it’s quite easy to play. The class has so many choices in survivability skills like Carve, Vigor, Living Dark, Extended Ritual, and so on. Plus, the class is very easy to understand and less punishing than others.

The main downside of the class is playing in melee range can be troublesome for players.  Mechanics in solo arenas, world bosses, delves, etc., almost always emphasize damage around the boss enemy. Range builds simply do not have to deal with this. However, if you prefer a stamina-based build, this is the one we recommend.

#3 Magicka Nightblade | S- Tier

ESO Magica Nightblade Solo PvE World Boss
Magica Nightblade Solo World Boss
Magblade Solo PvE ProsMagblade Solo PvE Cons
Best ultimate generationLight attack weaving dependent
Great range damageComplex rotation
Good survivability 

With the best ultimate generation in ESO, the Magicka Nightblade comes in at S- tier on our list. The Magblade has better range and an in-class execute ability. You can also buff your damage by 10% passively with the Twisting Path and Concealed Weapon combination.

When it comes to the ultimate generation, nothing comes close to the Magblade.  Your ultimate Soul Harvest gives you back ultimate upon kills, which also stacks with the Fighters Guild passive Banish the Wicked giving even more back if you slot a guild ability on your front bar. All of these things working together nearly allow you to roll ultimates back to back. 

The downside is the Magblade rotation can be complex to master and is light attack dependent similar to Stamblade. The class resource sustain can sometimes be difficult for players because it leans nearly entirely on Magicka-based skills. You won’t be hybridizing much, and if you struggle with resources, removing a precious damage ability will lower the class’s effectiveness. Overall, the Magblade in solo PvE is recommended if you’re looking for a ranged-focused caster.

#2 Magicka Templar | S Tier

ESO Magica Templar Solo PvE World Boss
Magica Templar Solo World Boss
Magplar Solo PvE ProsMagplar Solo PvE Cons
Simple and effectiveDifficult resource sustain
Not gear dependentBest in melee
Great survivability 

The best melee build in ESO Solo PvE is the Magicka Templar (Magplar) ranked S tier on our list. This remains the simplest and most survivable build when playing in melee range due to Puncturing Sweeps. While changed in 2022, the ability still provides incredible damage and healing all in one ability.

Another strength of the Magplar is Radiant Glory or Radiant Oppression, your ranged execute. This ability is unquestioned as the best execute skill in the game. With Radiant Glory morph, you switch from using Puncturing Sweeps to Radiant Glory at around 35% health but do not stop the endless amount of healing per second. This class, similar to the Magsorc is rewarded for playing aggressively and constantly heals while doing damage.

The main downsides are resource sustain and playing in the melee range.  When it comes to resource sustain, the Magplar wants to use nearly all magicka abilities. With the state of the game and hybrid play, it’s hard to sustain purely one resource pool. Melee range will always remain an issue for some players because the mechanics can be so punishing, especially when learning.

Magplar remains a great choice for beginners and veteran players. You have strong healing and damage, and it’s a very simple play style.  At the start of the game, you will feel very powerful, with most of your strongest abilities coming to you right away.  While Puncturing Sweeps has seen a nerf, we overall recommend this class, especially if you like melee aggressive style!

#1 Stamina Arcanist | S+ Tier

ESO Arcanist PvE DPS Build
ESO Arcanist PvE DPS Build
StamArc Solo PvE ProsStamArc Solo PvE Cons
The Best DamageVulnerable while beaming
Medium range
God-tier Survivability

The Stamina Arcanist comes in at the S+ tier on the list and is the best and most powerful solo PvE build in ESO. Since this class has been released on the live servers, it’s absolutely destroying content. You have some of the best damage, both single-target and area while being one of the simplest builds. The StamArc blends the holy trinity of a perfect solo build; survivability, resources sustain, and big damage.

The major downside is the build requires you to use Fatecarver and almost little else. When you channel this long-lasting beam, you will be vulnerable to damage, and heavy attacks and it requires aiming. With a highly experienced player, you won’t struggle, but you will constantly need to end the animation early when playing solo. You also need to get used to positioning on the build so you aim and hit multiple targets, but this can be picked up quickly.

The Stamarc is truly a juggernaut in ESO currently and what we consider the best for solo arenas. This includes one bar, two bar builds, with or without mythics and trials gear, beginner or advanced. It nails the holy trinity of good damage, resource sustain, and survivability. Add the simplistic nature of the class and it’s what we recommend. Will the Arcanist stay number one for the rest of the year on the ESO Solo PvE Tier List 2023? We don’t know, but for now, upon Necrom’s release it’s highly recommended to play and level one.

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