Fallout 4: Best Power Armor Ranked

We ranked the best and most robust Power Armor in Fallout 4 to help you choose the best armor for your playstyle and build.

Fallout 4 Best Power Armor Ranked

In Fallout 4, Power Armor is an armored suit made of different armor sets, requiring a Fusion Corse for power. Over time, the user drains the Fusion Core, but Power Armor provides the most protection in Fallout 4 and incredible crafting components like Jet Pack! Power Armor builds use the SPECIAL Stat Intelligence to gain access to nuclear physics and science perks, aiding in fusion core power and crafting. Our Power Armor guide ranks the worst and best Power Armor sets in Fallout 4, including how to get and use them.

The Best Power Armor Ranked in Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Power Armor Build Gameplay Preview

X-02 Power Armor is the best overall in Fallout 4 because it has the best health, damage reduction, and an extra modification slot in the torse. With the X-02, you can have a Jet Pack and Tesla Coil mod simultaneously, giving you a unique advantage over all other power armor sets. The X-01 is the second-best power armor with slightly fewer stats and only one torso modification. The Hellfire Power Armor is similar to the T-60, added in the Next Gen update for Fallout 4, and is free for all players. The Hellfire has slightly better damage reduction and a cool aesthetic look worth collecting!

Here are the best Power Armor Ranked in Fallout 4 from worst to best:

  1. X-02 Power Armor – best health and extra mod slot in the torso
  2. X-01 Power Armor – second best due to mods, health, damage reduction
  3. Hellfire Power Armor – slightly better damage reduction to T-60
  4. T-60 Power Armor – great all around used in mid-game FO4
  5. T-51 Power Armor – a big boost in damage reduction
  6. T-45 Power Armor – initial set of armor that can have upgraded mods
  7. Raider Power Armor – starter set of power armor, cheap to upgrade

7. Raider Power Armor

Raider Power Armor - Fallout 4

Raider Power Armor stats and effects in Fallout 4:

  • Armor Type: Power Armor
  • Physical Damage Resist: 500
  • Energy Damage Resist: 250
  • Radiation Damage Resist: 1050
  • Health: 350
  • Value: 450
  • Weight: 102.0
  • Repair: Steel x20

The Raider power armor is the weakest among all power armor sets, merely a makeshift ensemble crafted from scrap metal and salvaged components.  An entire raider power armor set provides 500 points of damage resistance and 250 points of energy resistance.  However, unlike the other Power Armors in our ranking, Raider Power can be upgraded and repaired for steel.  Thus making it a cheap and easy alternative to T-45 and T-51 Power Armor.

Raider Armor’s other biggest weakness is the lack of upgrades. Only allow for the basics in increase power, the Raider Armor is your entry level Power Armor and we recommend having a set of when your materials are scarce during Fallout 4 beginning.

How to get Raider Power Armor n Fallout 4

To obtain a set of Raider Power armor, head to Outpost Zimonja east of Sanctuary.  Here, you will encounter a raider, Boomer.  Defeat Boomer, collect his Raider Power armor and look for additional parts at Bunker Hill during the attack on the town.

6. T-45 Power Armor

T-45 Power Armor - Fallout 4

T-45 Power Armor stats and effects in Fallout 4:

  • Armor Type: Power Armor
  • Physical Damage Resist: 500
  • Energy Damage Resist: 310
  • Radiation Damage Resist: 1050
  • Health: 450
  • Value: 600
  • Weight: 92.0
  • Repair: Steel x27, Circuitry x1

The first Power Armor suit you will likely encounter is the T-45, an upgraded version of the Raider Power Armor.  The T-45 has slightly better protection and similar upgrade potential to Raider Power Armor (limited).  However, the T-45 Power Armor requires circuitry to upgrade and repair, making it more costly to maintain than the Raider Power Armor.  The strength of the T-45 is that you get a set during the initial main story quest, “When Freedom Calls.”

With three perks in Science, the T-45 Power Armor can gain the Targeting HUD helmet mod, which helps recognize targets. With four perks in Science and four perks in Armorer, the T-45 and subsequent Power Armor sets can gain a jet pack. This allows you to use a boost jump and more vertical movement.  The Jet Pack is one of the best parts of using Power Armor, and even the prototype T-45 can equip it!

How to get T-45 Power Armor n Fallout 4

To obtain a set of T-45 Power Armors, complete the quest When Freedom Calls.  As you assist Preston Garvey in Concord, you will enter a roof building containing a T-45 Power Armor set and a minigun.  However, you will only have one fusion core and likely run out of power shortly thereafter.  Consider parking your original Power Armor set at Red Rocket Truck Stop, which has a Power Armor crafting station.

5. T-51 Power Armor

T-51 Power Armor - Fallout 4

T-51 Power Armor stats and effects in Fallout 4:

  • Armor Type: Power Armor
  • Physical Damage Resist: 740
  • Energy Damage Resist: 490
  • Radiation Damage Resist: 1050
  • Health: 720
  • Value: 780
  • Weight: 92.0
  • Repair: Steel x33, Aluminum x1, Circuitry x1

The T-51 Power Armor set is an improved version of the T-45 with a massive jump in physical and energy damage resistance.  However, the extra damage reduction comes at a price, including aluminum in repairs.  Aluminum is a highly sought-after resource in the Wasteland and is used for nearly every advanced piece of technology.  While we recommend using the T-51, we realize the repair cost will be significant.

Moreover, the T-51 can upgrade to a Stealth Boy torso modification with four perk points in science. Crouching gives you a moment of stealth, allowing even a Power Armor build to sneak and snipe effectively.

To obtain a set of T-51 Power Armor, head to Quincy Ruins on the southeast portion of the map.  Here, you will find a Gunner named Clint, wearing or out of his armor.  Move up to the Overpass, take down the Gunner, and score a set of T-51 Power Armor. If you engage Clint in the power armor, expect a steep repair cost to get your T-51 at full strength.

4. T-60 Power Armor

Fallout 4 T-60 Power Armor

T-60 Power Armor stats and effects in Fallout 4:

  • Armor Type: Power Armor
  • Physical Damage Resist: 980
  • Energy Damage Resist: 645
  • Radiation Damage Resist: 1050
  • Health: 990
  • Value: 4200
  • Weight: 92.0
  • Repair: Steel x40, Plastic x8, Aluminum x8, Circuitry x1

The T-60 Power Armor is considered the staple in Power Armor for the Brotherhood of Steel or any Fallout 4 player.  With the T-60, you gain a massive jump in damage reduction, health, and all the modding options of previous generations. 

Moreover, the T-60 has many variants, which include different effects, like the Visionary’s T-60c helmet or the Exemplar’s T-60c torse. The Visionary’s helmet increases AP refresh speed and high defensive rating, while the Torso reduces action points cast in VATS by 10%.  The major downside to the T-60 is another resource being used in repairs, and that’s plastics.  Outside of this, the T-60 is one of the best power armors in the mid-game of Fallout 40.

How to get T-60 Power Armor n Fallout 4

The easiest way to obtain a full set of T-60 Power Armor is traveling to the Atom Cats Garage, in the Southeast of the Map.  An NPC name Rowdy sells power T-60 Power Armor and does not require questing or joining the Brotherhood of Steel.  However, you can obtain a set and variants through various Brotherhood of Steel quests if you choose that path.

3. Hellfire Power Armor

Hellfire – Power Armor - Fallout 4

Hellfire Power Armor stats and effects in Fallout 4:

  • Armor Type: Power Armor
  • Physical Damage Resist: 1220
  • Energy Damage Resist: 790
  • Radiation Damage Resist: 1050
  • Health: 585
  • Value: 1040
  • Weight: 92.0

Like the X-02 Power Armor, the Hellfire Power Armor was initially created on Fallout 4 Creation Club. However, the free Next Gen Update and DLC for Fallout 4 brought this to the base game.  What makes the Hellfire Power Armor slightly better than the T-60 Power Armor is increased damage reduction for energy and physical.  However, the Hellfire Power Armor has less health than the X-01, so it’s an in-between upgrade.  But if you like aesthetics and lore, the Hellfire Power Armor makes a great addition to your suit collection.

Fallout 4 Pyromaniac Quest map location Kill Pyro

To obtain the Hellfire Power armor, complete the quest Pyromaniac in your Pip-boy log. You should get a pop-up with the Free DLC for Fallout 4. Select the Pyromaniac quest in your Pip-Boy log, and you’ll discover a quest marker close to the Listening Post Bravo location. Additionally, the Greentop Nursery is another nearby location if the listening post is unavailable.  Defeat Pyro and loot the Hellfire Power Armor from his corpse.

2. X-01 Power Armor

X-01 – Power Armor - Fallout 4

X-01 Power Armor stats and effects in Fallout 4:

  • Armor Type: Power Armor
  • Physical Damage Resist: 1220
  • Energy Damage Resist: 790
  • Radiation Damage Resist: 1050
  • Health: 1260
  • Value: 1220
  • Weight: 92.0
  • Repair: Aluminum x16, Circuitry x2, Copper x5, Steel x45

The X-01 is the second-best power armor we’ve ranked in Fallout 4 due to its damage reduction, health, and modification capability. X-01 was the original best base game, Power Armor, until the creation of club X-02, which became available to all players for free with the next generation update. However, the X-01 should be used at level 30 or higher, where resource acquisition becomes much easier due to the steep repair cost.

The Scrapper perk from intelligence is helpful due to the increased likelihood of getting unique items like plastics and others. Moreover, it is recommended that nuclear physicists stay in their power armor entirely and purchase Fusion Cores when they are low. Consider the X-01, an excellent power armor set that collects around level 30. We recommend using the T-60 for the majority of your leveling experience.

How to get X-01 Power Armor in Fallout 4

To obtain the X-01 Power armor set, you must be at level 28 or higher.  At level 28 or higher, head to the National Guard Training Yard on the east of your map. A complete set can spawn hidden inside a locked room behind a master. It is recommended to wait until level 30 or higher to ensure the possibility of obtaining this set because it is based on your level. The Nuka World add-on DLC (separate purchase) does have X-01 included in the Nuka-World Power Plant area.

1. X-02 Power Armor

Fallout 4 How to Get X-02 Power Armor

X-02 Power Armor stats and effects in Fallout 4:

  • Armor Type: Power Armor
  • Physical Damage Resist: 1330
  • Energy Damage Resist: 860
  • Radiation Damage Resist: 1050
  • Health: 1350
  • Value: 1220
  • Weight: 92.0

The best overall power armor in Fallout 4 is the X-02, ranked number one for slightly higher health than the X-01, and an extra modification slot in the torso. Originally released on the creation club only, the X-02 is now free for all Fallout 4 players with the Next Generation update. What makes the X-02 more powerful is slightly higher stats but the ability to use Tesla Coils and an additional mod like Jet Pack. X-01 and other Power Armors on this ranking can only have one or the other. Our Favorite X-02 Power Armor Head – VATS Matrix Overlay (head), Jet Pack, Tesla Coil (Torso), Tesla Bracers (Arms), and Optimized Servos (Legs).

With this modification setup for your X-02, you will gain a Jet Pack, increase VATS accuracy, and have less AP cost while sprinting and Tesla Coil damage! Tesla coils deal energy damage near you, so you can passively damage and kill enemies nearby.

Fallout 4 Speak of the Devil Wattz Consumer Electronics map location and Connie's Note

The X-02 Power Armor can be obtained by completing the Speak of the Devil quest by visiting Wattz Consumer Electronics. This quest is meant for higher-level players and won’t automatically pop up until you reach higher levels. Continue the quest chain to gain your X-02 power armor!

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