Fallout 4 How to Find Suggs

Learn about how to find Suggs, a new merchant released with the Next-Gen update in Fallout 4 selling multiple new weapon types.

Fallout 4 How to Find Suggs Shop

Suggs is an important new NPC released with the Next Gen Update in Fallout 4. His location is not marked on the map so he can be a little tricky to find. However, he is worth the effort to locate as he boasts multiple new weapon types and is a necessary NPC in one of the new quests released with the update.

How to Find Suggs in Fallout 4

Suggs is a crucial NPC in Fallout 4 that is located within the city of Cambridge, one of the first big cities you are likely to discover. Simply head to his shop to purchase some of the new weapons or one of the new quests.

Fallout 4 Suggs Map Location

The easiest way to find Suggs is to fast travel to Greenetech Genetics and run Northwest or the Kendall Hospital and run Southeast. Either path is about the same distance and takes about the same time to get to his shop. Unfortunately, his shop doesn’t have any kind of marker or teleport built in so you will need to fast travel to one of the see locations every time you wish to visit Suggs.

Suggs Merchant Shop

Fallout 4 Suggs Chinese Grenade Launcher Rifle Shop

New weapons available for purchase at Suggs in Fallout 4:

Also, Suggs sells the required ammo for these weapons such as modified baseballs, 40mm Frag grenades, and Sawblades for the new Sawblade Launcher. Lastly, he doubles as a basic weapons merchant with various ammo and armor available for purchase.

Suggs Quest NPC

Fallout 4 Suggs Quest NPC

Also, Suggs and his shop location are crucial in the new quest When Pigs Fly in Fallout 4. The quest begins in his shop and ends with giving him a blueprint for one of the new weapons. Lastly, during the quest you can find or receive all 3 new weapons he sells. So we recommend completing it to save on some bottle caps.

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