Fallout 4: Top 10 Best Power Armor Modifications

Optimize your suit of Power Armor with the best modifications (mods) in Fallout 4 as we rank the top 10 worst to best!

Fallout 4 Top 10 Best Power Armor Modifications

In Fallout 4, Power Armor modifications can be installed on six armor pieces: head, legs, arms, and torso. Except for Raider Power Armor, each model can have a unique paint set, adding bonuses and a distinctive look. Moreover, Power Armor has the most notable mods, such as a jet pack, Telsa coils, and even stealth! To upgrade your Power Armor suit, you must have high intelligence and strength to get the Science, Armorer, and Blacksmith perks. Our top 10 best power armor guide aims to give you the best modifications in Fallout 4 so you don’t waste precious resources upgrading your power armor on weak mods.

Top 10 Best Power Armor Modifications in Fallout 4

Fallout 4 Power Armor Build Gameplay Preview

The Jet Pack is the best Power Armor mod in Fallout 4 because it allows for vertical movement and quick getaways. With the Jet Pack, you can fly high and slam down, dealing area damage when you enter combat or fly away when in trouble. Stealth Boy is the second-best Power Armor mod because it activates a stealth field and keeps you invisible until detected. Lastly, Tesla Coils and Targeting HUD should be priority mods when upgrading your Power Armor suits. Targeting HUD marks targets, giving you a tactical advantage in combat, while Tesla Coils can damage nearby enemies if attacked.

Here are the best Power Armor Modifications ranked in Fallout 4:

  1. Jet Pack – mobility and vertical movement
  2. Stealth Boy – go invisible just by sneaking
  3. Tesla Coils – passively deal damage to enemies near you
  4. Targeting HUD – marks enemies in your HUD red
  5. Core Assembly – increase AP refresh rate
  6. VATS Matrix Overlay – increases VATS accuracy
  7. Photovoltaic Coating – paint that increases AP in sunlight
  8. Optimized Servos – sprint in power armor for less AP
  9. Hydraulic Bracers – increase unarmed damage
  10. Titanium Plating – paint to increase health

10 Titanium Plating

Titanium Plating Fallout 4 Power Armor Modifications

The easiest way to increase the effectiveness of your Power Armor build is through adding paint. We recommend using the Titanium Plating power armor mod as one of the best in Fallout 4 because it increases the health of each piece of armor. The health increase can be significant, especially on the smaller pieces like the legs and arms. Thus preventing you from having to repair or lose use of those limbs in combat.

Additionally, there are many paint options you should consider beyond Titanium Plating. Various paint colors will increase the SPECIAL Stat bonus if the entire body is covered. If you are playing an intelligence-based leveling build, equip that to level faster. Charisma is also helpful if you intend to talk or discuss Power Armor. Lastly, Strength is the Stat you want to focus on for melee builds. The downside of Titanium Plating is that it requires Armorer rank 3, which will allow you to be at least level 25. In the meantime, pick one color and wrap your shiny Power Armor in it for a bonus.

9 Hydraulic Bracers

Hydraulic Bracers Fallout 4 Power Armor Modifications

One of the best arm modifications for power armor is hydraulic bracers because they significantly increase the damage to your unarmed. Requiring Blacksmith rank 3, Hydraulic Bracers are a great mod when using the Iron Fist perk in the strength SPECIAL stats. With Iron Fits maxed out, you deal double damage with fist or unarmed attacks, and unarmed power attacks can cripple and paralyze opponents.

Using Titanium Plating Power Armor Mod in Fallout 4

The Power Armor unarmed melee build can be a fun late-game playstyle. If you have 10 strength, you can select the Pain Train perk, stunning and dealing damage when running into enemies with power armor. Once stunned and staggered, your enemies will be set up for a free, unarmed power attack, which doesn’t require ammunition! Also, consider the Tesla Bracers mod on advanced Power Armor suits if you plan on using Tesla Coils, later explained on our list. Tesla Coils and Tesla Bracers synergize to boost damage to enemies near you passively.

8 Optimized Servos

Optimized Servos Fallout 4 Power Armor Modifications

One of the weaknesses of using Power Armor is the action point (AP) cost of sprinting. The best modification to combat this issue with Power Armor is Optimized Servos, which reduces the AP cost of sprinting. This allows you to charge in with a melee build or get out when in trouble. The downside of Optimized Servos is that it requires Science rank 3, which won’t be unlocked until level 28 or higher. However, power armor and their mods become much stronger at level 30+.

The Explosive Vent mod is an alternative selection for legs and players who don’t do much sprinting. Explosive Vent will deal damage in a small radius when you crash land from an elevation point. You can combine Jet Pack with Explosive Vent for dramatic and effective entrances to combat!

7 Photovoltaic Coating

Photovoltaic Coating Fallout 4 Power Armor Modifications

For advanced power armor suits like the X-02, consider the Photovoltaic Coating paint mod, which increases AP refresh speed in sunlight. Photovoltaic Coating gives a 20% increase in AP refresh speeds in the Sunlight and works great with Optimized Servos if you are a mobile power armor player. This 20% refresh bonus stacks (additive) with the Action Boy perk from the Agility SPECIAL stat tree. Thus, you can gain over 100% AP refresh rate, giving you a massive boost to mobility or VATS targeting.

Lastly, not all Power Armor models can be equipped with Photovoltaic Coating. In April, Bethesda released a Next Gen update for Fallout 4, which included the Hellfire and X-02 Power Armor models and is free for all players. Check out our Best Power Armor rankings to see which is the best for you.

6 VATS Matrix Overlay

VATS Matrix Overlay Fallout 4 Power Armor Modifications

When modding the helmet of your Power Armor, you will get many choices, and one for long-range sniper builds is VATS Matrix Overlay. This mod boosts VATS targeting by 10% and stacks with other Perception stat bonuses and perks. Thus, we recommend VATS Matrix Overlay as one of the best for long-range rifle builds or anyone relying heavily on VATS for damage.

Using VATS Matrix Overlay Power Mod in Fallout 4

Two other perks to consider to make you near 100% accurate in VATS are Sniper and Concentrated Fire from Perception stat. You can target the head, even on those pesky Mirelurks, and hit with 95% accuracy or above. Also, don’t forget to collect additional Bobbleheads for increased stats and accuracy with weapons.

5 Core Assembly

Core Assembly Fallout 4 Power Armor Modifications

The torso of the Power Armor has the best and most influential mods available. Oftentimes, these come with a steep crafting cost, but one to consider is Core Assembly. With Core Assembly, you gain an increased AP refresh speed, which stacks with previous bonuses like Photovoltaic Coating paint mod and Action Boy. Moreover, you only need Science rank 3, which can be obtained earlier and requires fewer skill points than Jet Pack or other advanced mods. Depending on when you get your suit of power armor and science crafting perks, consider Core Assembly as a low-cost, easy upgrade to help your power armor build.

4 Targeting HUD

Targeting HUD Fallout 4 Power Armor Modifications

Our favorite power armor modification for the helmet in Fallout 4 is the Targeting HUD. Targeting HUD marks targets (friendly or enemy) with a glowing red outline. While this can be annoying outside of combat, it makes combat much easier knowing where enemies are versus scanning the horizon while taking damage.

Using Targeting HUD Power Armor Mod in Fallout 4

The downside of using this mod is that you won’t be gaining the VATS bonus Targeting HUD provides. However, the benefit of knowing where your enemies are outweighs the loss of VATS accuracy. Its the Gunner on the top of a ledge with a Missile Launcher that will end your life, not a missed shot with a sniper rifle, thus we recommend upgrading to Targeting HUD!

3 Tesla Coils

Tesla Coil Fallout 4 Power Armor Modifications

Tesla Coils ranks as our third favorite modification for Power Armor in Fallout 4 because it passively does damage to nearby enemies. Shooting out an electric shock, Tesla Coils zaps nearby targets, doing damage based on how many Tesla Mods you have. Tesla Coils can be equipped with advanced power armor models, and the X-02 can specifically equip the Tesla Coil mod in addition to another torso mod, making it the best overall suit in all of Fallout 4.

Tesla Coil Damage in Fallout 4

The Tesla Coils mod also gives a unique visual look to your Power Armor and protects you when in melee range. We don’t rank Tesla Coils higher because it doesn’t apply to every build, specifically those that play at range primarily. However, it’s still among the best and highly recommended for close-range combatants or those who want a unique visual look.

2 Stealth Boy

Stealth Boy Fallout 4 Power Armor Modifications

The second best power armor modification in Fallout 4 is the Stealth Boy, which activates a stealth field while crouched. Unlike the Chameleon armor perk, your stealth doesn’t deactivate right away, instead staying activated while you move around or until attacking and being discovered. Stealth Boy Power Armor mod essentially acts as an on-demand stealth boy consumable aid item, giving you an incredible advantage in combat for sneaking or sniper builds.

Using Stealth Boy Power Armor Mod in Fallout 4

The Stealth Boy Power Armor mod can be crafted with Science rank 4 at level 41, so don’t expect to use this early in Fallout 4. We also don’t rank the Seatlh Boy mod as the best because sneaking in Power Armor is somewhat of an oxymoron. You are so loud in power armor that it’s hard to remain undetected, even though on-demand stealth is excellent.

1 Jet Pack

Jet Pack Fallout 4 Power Armor Modifications

The best Power Armor mod in Fallout 4 is the Jet Pack, which increases mobility, provides damage when landing, and is an enjoyable way to roam the Wasteland! The Jet Pack uses your AP to propel you upwards, and depending on your AP total and refresh rate, you can go relatively high! Moreover, you can use the Explosive Vent mods on your legs to create an explosive when you land, giving the Power Armor a dramatic entry!

Using Jet pack Power Armor Mod in Fallout 4

Furthermore, the Jet Pack mod applies to every Power Armor build and helps to get around in Fallout 4. The downside of the Jet Pack mod is it requires both Science and Armorer rank 4 to craft. Nevertheless, most Power Armor builds will have high strength and intelligence, and this shouldn’t be a problem after you hit the later levels in Fallout 4. If you haven’t used the Jet Pack, please craft it. You will not regret the sound, look, feel, and fun factor the best mod in Fallout 4 provides!

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