Redfall: Summon Vampire Ex-Boyfriend Ability

In Redfall, Summon Vampire Ex-Boyfriend Ability belongs to one of the playable characters Layla Ellison. It’s an ultimate, extremely unique telekinetic skill.

Redfall Layla Ellison Guide and Abilities
Layla Ellison Abilities

Each hero is distinct in Redfall, and Layla’s abilities are probably the most supernatural and fun to play, especially her ultimate skill. This short guide explains one of the unique skills in Redfall, the Summon Vampire Ex-Boyfriend ability.

Summon Vampire Ex-Boyfriend Ability

Layla Ellison wields telekinetic abilities, visually appearing as a purple force field that is able to help in defence and be engaged offensively. Firstly, let’s take a look at the story behind how Layla found herself in possession of her Summon Ex-Boyfriend ability, among many other psychic skills.

She came to Redfall from Wisconsin to study biomedical engineering at Redfall Technical University. She participated in the local tech company’s medical trial to earn some money and pay for her education, but instead, it earned her unusual powers. Now she wields telekinetic abilities and finds herself trapped in the middle of a human-Vampire war. Now survival is her biggest concern.

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Her biggest strengths are the uniqueness of her psychic abilities and mobility. On the battlefield, she is a very versatile character, Layla can deal great damage with skills and weapons but also helps the team using her telekinetic field to control the combat.

Summon Vampire Ex-Boyfriend Ability

Summon Vampire Ex-Boyfriend Ability is an ultimate ability that summons a powerful companion to help Layla in combat. He will stay on the battlefield only for a defined amount of time, but it’s an extremely useful skill, especially for solo playthroughs. However, the whole team of Leylas, that can summon multiple copies of their ex-boyfriends can be a funny and strong strategy for many co-op players.

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