Starfield Companion Sarah Morgan

Starfield Companion: Sarah Morgan

Sarah Morgan is a Constellation member, her confidence and leadership skills can prove to be your best Starfield companion or even partner.

Starfield Constellation NPC Sarah
Sarah Morgan

Our guide will explain everything you need, including where to find this companion, how to recruit her to your crew, and the best way to use her unique abilities and skills!

Who is Sarah Morgan in Starfield?

Sarah Morgan is a potential companion and romance option for the player, and as a member of the Constellation faction, she is also your primary contact there. Her group’s purpose, but also Sarah’s personal goal, is to discover more about the alien artifacts and civilization in Starfield, and you, the player, are her best chance to fulfill her ambitions. Sarah can join you on your travels, fight alongside you, help you manage your outpost, or become part of your ship’s crew. However, each companion and crew member has their own set of skills, so you’ll want to assign her to the task based on her abilities.

Where can you Find Sarah Morgan?

As a high-ranking member of Constellation, you will meet Sarah Morgan in the New Atlantis city, the faction’s main hub and one of the most significant locations in Starfield. Permanent companions like Sarah Morgan will require you to fulfill special actions before she joins you. We don’t know the details yet, but it most likely will be a special quest or mission that will allow her to join your team.

Can You Romance Sarah Morgan?

We can confirm that Sarah Morgan is a potential romance option and love interest for male characters in Starfield, but we don’t know if companions have any gender preferences. In other Bethesda games like Skyrim, all companions were available for all characters regardless. If you want to start a romantic relationship with Sarah Morgan, you must do certain steps and learn more about her first.

Sarah Morgan’s Skills in Starfield

Starfield Companion Sarah Morgan
Starfield Companion Sarah Morgan

The following list presents all Sarah Morgan’s skills in Starfield:

  • Astrodynamics (4 stars)
  • Lasers (3 stars)
  • Leadership (2 stars)
  • Botany (1 star)

Some of the companion’s skills are also available for players. As a result, we can shortly explain some of them.


Her leadership skills and confidence can be quickly noticed in short clips we have already seen. Leadership skill is part of the Social skill tree, also available for players. On Rank 1 player receives the bonus that says: “Companions gain affinity 15% faster”. We don’t know how what bonuses this skill adds if owned by a companion like Sarah Morgan, but presumably if you put her in charge of a ship or as your XO, she will increase your ship’s crew morale or maybe even efficiency.


Astrodynamics is part of the science skill tree in Starfield. Again this seems to be a perfect skill for a companion that will help you manage your ship or even become your fleet’s captain. The skill may influence any spacecraft or rocket and its performance.


There are various types of weapons for players to use, including lasers. Sarah Morgan’s proficiency with this type of weapon can prove helpful on the battlefield or in ship combat, an interesting mechanic and minigame in Starfield. Lasers are part of the combat skill tree.


A big part of any Starfield are the outposts. You can build modules with gardens and hydroponics to help you survive and conduct research on local flora. Botany is a part of the science skill tree in Starfield. Sarah can help you be more efficient with your production and possibly research.

As you can see, it’s probably best to assign her as a support companion and a crew member who will help you manage your ships and outposts. As a result, she is trained in battle, but her primary advantage focuses on leadership.

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