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10 Destiny 2 Weapons You Need Before Lightfall

10 Destiny 2 Weapons You Need Before Lightfall

Bungie will release their next expansion Lightfall on February 28th, of this year.  And with it a new expansion comes the removal the previous expansions seasonal content including weapons that become nearly unattainable outside of a few sources like Xur’s weekly inventory. In our 10 Weapons You Need Before Lightfall in Destiny 2, will walk you through the best weapons to obtain before this content is removed and made way for another massive expansion in year in Destiny 2!

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Craftable Weapons

All weapons on this list are craftable, which require you to own specific content and five patterns to be obtained also known as “red bars.” 

Destiny 2 Red bar Rewards

Here’s a specific guide on weapon crafting if you’re unfamiliar.   TLDR you’ll need to do a lot of seasonal quest and activities in order to upgrade and purchase perks for each vendor.  

Season of the Seraph Upgrade Path
Take these Upgrades!

These will allow guaranteed red bar drops per week and if you start now, depending on when you’re reading, you should get at least one per seasonal vendor.  

#10 Retrofit Escapade 

Destiny 2 Retrofit Escapade PvE
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Starting out the list we have a void rapid-fire machine gun released during this current season, Season of the Seraph. Machine guns have good add clear but lack somewhat in boss damage versus other meta heavy weapons.  This LMG however has a perk combo that competes with even the highest dps and damage weapons in the game while offering superior add clear and ammo economy. 

This machine gun has a new perk known as Target Lock, this gives a stacking damage buff the longer you remain on target, paired with Fourth times the charm which generates two bullets in the mag for every 4 precision hits ensures you get to ramp up the damage and stay on target longer. 

Combine this weapon with a void hunter and volatile rounds and you’ll be not only dominating AoE damage but boss damage.  Keep in mind, volatile rounds had a change to the amount of procs, but after testing this weapon is still great and highly recommended.

#9 Thoughtless 

Thoughtless PVE God Roll
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This stasis adaptive frame sniper rifle released during the opening season of the Witch Queen DLC, Season of the Risen and is a great contender for a fantastic special ammo damage weapon. With the meta being controlled by precision weapons, snipers are an obvious pick for a little extra damage. 

Overflow and Firing Line being the go to perk combo for group content giving you up to 14 bullets in the magazine and a damage boost for simply standing near allies, it’s difficult to not want to use this weapon.   The weapon being stasis also gains the advantage of being easily paired with the font of might damage mod giving even more damage for every shot. 

Should you also want to take it into PVP, its long zoom and high aim assist gives you the greatest opportunity to easily take out your opponents with a one shot headshot. 

#8 Ikelos SMG

IKELOS_SMG_V1.0.3 PvE God Roll
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he IKELOS_SMG_V1.0.3 is a 750rpm arc aggressive frame submachine gun. This weapon has had two previous versions in the game, the original being sunset with the release of the Beyond Light DLC, and the second version released in Season 11.  The third version is no less potent of a weapon with a whole new perk pool including some strong subclass synergistic perks. 

What makes this version particularly unique is a unique magazine perk known as Seraph Rounds. Seraph rounds combine the benefits of armor-piercing, ricochet, and hi-caliber rounds into one perk giving a magazine that is beneficial regardless of content. 

This version of the SMG got released in Season 19 with an updated perk pool including Voltshot, a must have PVE perk that can jolt enemies for reloading after a kill, and Rangerfinder a PVP perk that increases the zoom of your weapon allowing you to reach enemies from further away. I love pairing this weapon with Arc titan, destroy massive amount of adds with my weapons and grenades.

#7 Hollow Denial

Hollow Denial PvE God Roll
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The Hollow Denial is a void adaptive trace rifle released during Season of the Haunted.  The Hollow Denial, like many trace rifles, may not be the top of the meta for PVE or PVP content but they are some of the most fun weapons to use in the game. It can roll with Killing Tally, a stacking damage buff the more enemies you kill before stowing or reloading the weapon. 

It also has some great void subclass synergy with repulsor brace which gives an overshield after killing a void debuffed enemy paired with an origin trait that also heals you when killing enemies while near enemies making you incredibly tanky.

Is this a meta changing weapon? Absolutely not, but it’s fun and you should obtain it before it becomes near impossible!

#6 Disparity 

Disparity PvE God Roll
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The Disparity God Roll is a stasis aggressive four burst pulse rifle released during Season of the Seraph.  Pulse rifles are commonly used as anti-champion weapons in difficult PVE content like Grandmaster Nightfalls and are meta choices in PVP.  The Disparity hit the game hard in Season 19, a season already full of great weapon choices, offering some of the best pulse rifle perks for PVE and PVP on one pulse rifle. 

With perks like Desperado, Kill Clip, Headstone, Rapid Hit, Moving Target, and Frenzy, there are so many options to craft your perfect weapon.  And the flexibility and options combined with crafting make this perfect for any build or loadout.  Stasis also pairs well with the font of might mod which should now be unlocked for all players regardless if you’ve collected from ADA yet.  So collect, experiment and dominate. 

#5 Tarnished Mettle

Tarnished Mettle PvE God Roll
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The Tarnished Mettle is an arc lightweight 200 rpm scout rifle. Tarnished Mettle, like many other scouts, is a favored weapon in harder PVE content due to the necessity to stay at range to avoid getting one shot by enemies.  This lightweight arc scout rifle, released during the pirate themed Season of the Plunder, has a cool aesthetic and awesome perk pool. 

With an arc subclass synergistic perk, Voltshot which can jolt enemies causing chain lightning to destroy entire rooms of adds in a few shots makes this weapon all the more powerful and deadly.  Unlike the Ikelos SMG, you can stay at a distance with this voltshot able weapon and still take advantage of the perk when close range isn’t an option in PvE.

Should you need to take it into PVP for long range maps, you will be easily landing headshots from anywhere in the game.

#4 Explosive Personality

Explosive Personality PvE God Roll
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A weapon that truly matches its name, this solar grenade launcher is sure to ruin your enemy’s day.  Unlike traditional Gls, this wave frame grenade launcher, from Season of the Risen, fires a grenade that upon impact with the ground sends forward a wave of elemental energy to take out entire hordes of enemies.  The most effective method for mass deletion is a damage perk paired with auto-loading holster making sure the weapon is ready for use when you need it. 

This weapon is very useful in the current season with weakened and clear and unstoppable grenade launcher.  And if you don’t want to run witherhoard as your exotic or don’t have it, this is an exceptional choice and a must have item going forward.

#3 Fire and Forget

Destiny 2 Fire And Forget PvE God Roll
Image from

Starting out our top three, we have a stasis aggressive three burst linear fusion rifle released during Season of the Seraph.   An archetype of weapon currently ruling the damage meta due to their insane precision damage potential. 

With one of the best origin perks, veist stinger, which can randomly reload your weapon by doing damage, strong solo and group damage buffs this weapon will take out any enemy extremely fast, granted that you can land those three shot precision bursts.  Stasis weapons are also a favorite element for dps phase damage boost mods like Font of Might and Supreme Wellmaker.

It’s a great time to pick up a stasis element linear fusion rifle that pairs well with any class or subclass.

#2 Under Your Skin

Under Your Skin PVE God Roll
Image from

Not only is it the only precision frame bow currently craftable but it also comes with the tried and true bow combination of Archer’s Tempo/Explosive Head.  Bows are used frequently in more difficult higher level PVE especially when there is an anti-champion mod for them.  Their near infinite range and ease of use makes them a powerful option for content like Grandmaster Nightfalls. 

And bows seem to be in meta for higher end content due to the mods for nuking champions. So regardless of where the game is now or in the future, PvE bows are a staple and this non exotic allows you to run another exotic weapon and still pack a punch.

Even in PVP, this bow can be incredibly strong with perks that reduce its draw time letting you reach some insane time to kill and team shooting potential.

#1 Calus Mini Tool

Calus Mini Tool PVE God Roll
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Wrapping up our list at #1, we have a previously sunset weapon returning with the Leviathan as a patrol zone, the Calus Mini Tool.  This solar 900rpm SMG brought back during Season of the Haunted, was re-released with a whole new perk pool including some solar subclasses synergistic perks. One of the best add clear perks in the game, Incandescent, allows this weapon to shred through clusters of enemies by causing them to blow each other up. 

Another benefit of this weapon is the unrelenting perk on an SMG, which gives health regeneration for rapidly defeating target. Combine the add clearing effect, the ability to be ultra tanky and the solar subclass this weapon is a must have in your arsenal though it can be a pain to obtain so start working on the season of the haunted!


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