Destiny 2: Which Class Should You Play in 2023

Embark on your Destiny 2 journey with confidence as we guide you through which class you should play in 2023.

Destiny 2 Which Class Should You Play in 2023

In 2023, Destiny 2 has received a host of major changes as we prepare for the climax of the light and dark saga, The Final Shape. We gained a new subclass, Strand, which we mastered throughout the Lightfall campaign. With a build system added in-game and the massive overhaul of the armor mod system, it has allowed a level of customization that we didn’t have before. This Which class should you play in 2023 Destiny 2 guide aims to give you an informed decision on the best class for you.

Which Class Should You Play in 2023 for Destiny 2

Considering which classing you should play in Destiny 2 often comes down to your playstyle. Hunters are the high burst damage dealer, while Warlocks favor support, and Titans are the highly survivable class. Within this class and builds guide for 2023, we will share details from each class. We hope that you can make an informed decision on the right class for you in Destiny 2, and give you insights into what’s coming in 2024.

Titan Class Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Titan Class

Titan class features in Destiny 2:

  • Best Builds: Strand, Arc, and Solar
  • Unique Class Ability: Barricade
  • Difficulty: 3/10
  • Strength: Tanky, Novice-friendly
  • Weakness: Monotonous, Simple

Titans are considered the intuitive reactionary class in Destiny 2. Often, their kits and exotic armor pieces are simple to understand and revolve around close-range combat. Their class ability, the Barricade, is a giant shield that is great for providing cover. You can use them for getting a resurrection in a dangerous spot but they don’t offer much other group utility.

Titans are easy to understand and friendly to learn making them great for more casual players. With a middle-skill level and a low-skill ceiling, they aren’t hard to master, but you don’t gain much difference in skill gap between a beginner player and a veteran player. Should you want to dive into Destiny 2, they can be a great option to start with.

The Titan’s class ability cooldown is tied directly to the resilience stat. This allows them to build into damage reduction and reduce their barricade cooldown with a single stat. With simple build paths and easy-to-use exotics, Titans don’t often require complex rotations to deal damage or to survive. This makes them incredibly powerful regardless of skill level or time to dedicate to min-maxed builds.

With a simpler class, it can feel lackluster at certain points. A lack of complexity can lead to staleness in builds and combat. Also, it forces you into a certain playstyle without any customization.

Hunter Class Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Hunter Class

Hunter class features in Destiny 2:

  • Best Builds: Void, Arc, and Strand.
  • Unique Class Ability: Dodge
  • Difficulty: 6/10
  • Strength: Easy to understand, full builds not required
  • Weakness: Low survivability, weapon-reliant

Hunters are considered the least survivable of all the classes due to their class ability, the Dodge, not offering any survivability or group utility. Their kits and exotic armor tend to be based around a specific melee, grenade, super, or their dodge. This can leave little in terms of build customizations and diversity. However, this can lead to min-maxed builds that can showcase mastery of the class and build.

The hunter class can be very easy to understand but is incredibly risky to play in high-level content due to their low base survivability. Utilizing a hunter to the highest skill level requires a lot of time and can be daunting for a new player. While their abilities are straightforward to understand for a new player, they do require a certain level of dedication to perfect. Lastly, hunters offer nearly nothing in their kits for group utility making them great for solo players.

Hunter has one of the easier-to-understand ability loadouts in the game. Their dodge is straightforward, either reloading your weapon or giving you full melee energy. Full builds are an extra benefit but are not required, so weapons get showcased a lot more.

Without a class ability that provides some survivability, Hunters can feel squishy in higher-level content. Without the requirement of full builds to reach high potential, your aim and weapon selection will have significant importance.

Warlock Class Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Warlock Class

Warlock class features in Destiny 2:

  • Best Builds: Solar, Arc, and Strand
  • Unique Class Ability: Rift
  • Difficulty: 9/10
  • Strength: High survivability, add clear
  • Weakness: Requires for builds, tied to ability spam

Warlocks are an incredibly powerful class with a strong leaning into super-optimized builds and rotations. Their class ability, the rift, can heal or empower anyone standing inside it. This allows them to fill a more supportive role by buffing or healing the group.

The warlocks perform insanely well in all levels of content, offering area enemy destruction and damage through their powerful abilities. However, this requires full builds with good exotic armor and weapons to balance everything out.

With a lot of content in Destiny 2 designed around multiple people engaged in the content, add density is often incredibly high. Warlocks with strong builds and abilities can take on entire rooms of enemies quite easily. With a lot of healing potential and support-based abilities, Warlock shines in group-based content.

With a new requirement of full builds, it can be difficult to start a warlock. A lot of their strength is in their exotic armor buffing their already powerful abilities. Lastly, most builds are designed around spamming abilities which can limit how you engage in content.

Choosing the Best Class in 2023

In Destiny 2, choosing the best class often depends upon what content you are doing, what level of skill level you have, and how much you want to invest in the class. You are never required to play only one class but depending on which class you choose, you might not have as much time to invest into others.

Also, some classes perform better in different levels of content and some perform differently in PVE and PVP. For example, Titan’s barricade can be insanely powerful for getting a resurrection in the one-life modes of PVP but doesn’t have nearly the same utility in PVP. Hunters are a gun-based class that can shine in PVP while the warlock ability spam builds are showcased better in PVE.

Factors for choosing a class:

  • Skill
  • Level of Content
  • Difficulty of Content
  • PVE, PVP, or Both

Destiny 2 in 2024

Bungie to Update Shader Icons in Destiny 2 the Final Shape

While Destiny 2 received a lot of great changes for classes and builds this last year, there isn’t much leading into the Final Shape that we know will drastically change the classes. Also, Destiny 2 is approaching the end of its Light and Dark saga that has been playing out since the beginning of Destiny 1. With recent mass layoffs, however, Destiny 2 might have a bleak future after the Final Shape leading many to question the survival of the game after next year.

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