ESO: 5 Biggest Changes Coming to Update 41 Scions of Ithelia

Everything you need to know about the 5 biggest changes, fixes gear, and features coming to ESO Update 41 Scions of Ithelia.

Elder Scrolls Online 5 Biggest Changes Coming to Update 41 Scions of Ithelia

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) Update 41 and DLC Scions of Ithelia is set to arrive on March 11 on PC/Mac and March 26 for Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The most important feature for this DLC and base game update is two new dungeons, many new gear sets, and massive overhauls to status effect and class balancing. Our guide was created during the Public Testing phase on the PTS and is subject to change, but most likely will launch exactly as described. In our article, we break down the 5 biggest changes coming to ESO Update Scions of Ithelia, and how you can prepare.

What Are the Biggest Changes to ESO Update 41 Scions of Ithelia?

The biggest changes coming to Update 41 are class balancing, 12 new item gear sets, and status effect changes. Most players will want to be aware of how their classes, builds, weapon choices, and skills will change especially in PvE. Moreover, many smaller collectibles and quality-of-life features were added to make ESO more enjoyable. Below is a list of the 5 biggest changes coming to ESO Update 41 Scions of Ithelia:

  1. Class Balance – Arcanist PvE DPS nerfed, Necromancer reworked, Sorcerer buffed
  2. Gear Sets – 8 new sets from dungeons, 3 from rewards of the worthy, and 1 new mythic
  3. Status Effects – Balance changes keep mainly the same setups with anticipated DPS loss
  4. Quality of Life – Helpful changes to Cyrodiil, inventory management, and increased Undaunted Keys
  5. New Content – Two new dungeons, a prologue quest, and many new collectibles

5 New Features and Content

Scions of Ithelia DLC game pack for the Elder Scrolls Online will feature two new dungeons, new gear sets, and new achievements and titles. This DLC will require a subscription to ESO Plus or purchase directly through the Crown Store. Additionally, Update 41 will include many quality of life and additions which will be free for anyone that owns the base game of ESO. These base game additions include stackable siege, 3 new gear sets for PvP rewards of the Worthy, new collectibles, homes, furnishings, and many more. Here are what we consider the 5 biggest changes, content, and features in ESO Update 41 Scions of Ithelia.

Oathsworn Pit and Bedlam Veil Dungeons

Anthelmir's Construct Helmet Map Location in Wrothgar, Bedlam Veil dungeon - ESO Scions of Ithelia DLC Monster Set
Bedlam Veil dungeon
Map Location in The Reach, Deep Folk Crossing dungeon - ESO Scions of Ithelia DLC Monster Set
Deep Folk Crossing dungeon

Two new dungeons are included in Scions of Ithelia: Bedlam Veil and Deep Folk Crossing. You can find Bedlam Veil Dungeon by traveling to the southwestern end of Wrathgar north of the siege road wayshrine. Oathsworn Pit is located within The Reach’s northern end near the Druadach Mountains Wayshrine. Additionally, you can queue within the group finder once released.

How to Use Blunted Blade Set for Elder Scrolls Online - Scions of Ithelia

Each new dungeon is loaded with a variety of collectibles. Specifically, 3 new gear sets, with 1 new monster helm per dungeon. These five-piece gear sets come in light, medium, and heavy and will be discussed later in this guide. For achievement lovers, you can gain a unique skin “Bloodmarks of Malacath” by completing both Oathsworn Pit and Bedlam Veil Veteran difficulty.

Additional unlocks are a unique dye (Artifact-Hunter-Amber), two unique mementos (Malacath Helm Haunt, Echonir Examination), several new titles, and unique housing items.

Gold Road Chapter Prologue Quest

Gold Road Chapter prologue quest – Prisoner of Fate The Elder Scrolls Online

For those interested in the upcoming Gold Road Chapter in June, Zenimax Online Studios (ZOS) has included the West Weald prologue quest called Prisoner of Fate. This has your player character interacting with Leramil the Wise as you try to understand the actions of Torvesard, the Scion of a Forgotten Daedric Prince.

To begin the Prisoner of Fate Gold Road Prologue quest, open your crown store and collect the Letter from Leramil the Wise quest item. This will have you travel to one of three locations depending on your Alliance Wayrest (Daggerfall Covenant), Elden Root (Aldemeri Dominion), or Mournhold (Ebonheart Pact). Once you complete the prologue, players will be rewarded with the Mirrormoor Mudcrab pet and an achievement.

New Homes – Willowpond Haven and Sword-Singer’s Redoubt

Willowpond Haven Home in the Elder Scrolls Online
Willowpond Haven
Sword-Singer's Redoubt Home in the Elder Scrolls Online
Sword-Singer’s Redoubt

Two new homes were added in ESO Update 41, Willowpond Haven, and Sword-Singer’s Redoubt. Willowpond Have is found in Blackwood, while Sword-Singer’s Redoubt can be found in Alikr Desert. Both will cost crowns, but prices are unknown as of the making of this guide. The developers have described these houses below:

  • Willowpond Haven: Twinkling lanternflies and languorous willow trees set a cozy scene for this retreat nestled near a peaceful pond. Waterfalls and scenic views complete this serene living nook on the edge of Blackwood.
  • Sword-Singer’s Redoubt: Some claim the truest treasure in this former Sword-Singer stronghold glitters below ground in the form of cool, clear water. After the retreat of the Sword-Singers, enterprising merchants set up markets here for wealthy clients. Perhaps you will too?

New Furnishings, Achievements, Titles

ESO Oathsworn Pit Achievements -  Update 41 - Scions of Ithelia

Also included in ESO’s newest content are new furnishings, achievements, and titles. Below is a list of what’s being added for achievement hunters and collectors in Update 41 Scions of Ithelia:

  • 28 new furnishing plans, which can be acquired from chests in Infinite Archive.
  • 2 new achievement furnishings that can be earned from Oathsworn Pit and Bedlam Veil achievements and purchased from the Undaunted Quartermasters.
  • 7 new Master Writ Furnishings which can be purchased from Rolis Hlaalu.
  • 56 new achievements, 7 new titles
  • The title “Oathsworn” can be obtained by completing the “Lighting the Embers” achievement.
  • The title “Bedlam’s Disciple” can be obtained by completing the “Unshakable Fervor” achievement.
  • The title “Pitmaster” can be obtained by completing the “Scorched but Surviving” achievement.
  • The title “the Self-governing” can be obtained by completing the “Lithe and Clever” achievement.
  • The title “the Vengeful” can be obtained by completing the “Oathsworn Pit Champion” achievement.
  • The title “the Intervener” can be obtained by completing the “Bedlam Veil Champion” achievement.
  • The title “Cake Connoisseur” can be obtained by completing the “Cake Devourer” achievement.

Let us continue on our 5 biggest changes coming to Update 41 Scions of Ithelia in ESO with number 4, quality of life additions.

4 Quality of Life

Update 41 Scions of Ithelia - Quality of Life Changes for the Elder Scrolls Online

ESO is adding three things to improve players’ quality of life: unified repair kits, stackable siege, and Increased Undaunted Keys. This will allow players easier inventory management in Cyrodiil while PvPing and easier acquisition of undaunted keys used to purchase monster helms and other items. Below are the details of the new quality of life changes:

Unified Repair Kits: Players will have one unified repair kit called an Equipment repair kit. This will allow you to repair any level of gear, like the grand repair kits previously. Moreover, Cyrodiil repair kits have also been unified. Thus, you will no longer acquire siege, keep wall, keep wood, etc, just one simple repair kit. This simplification is sure to make PvP players in ESO less frustrated with the myriad of inventory management frustrations.

Stackable Siege Weaponry: Cyrodiil siege is now stackable up to 20 per stack. Your siege will be placed from the quick slot and automatically use the lowest health inventory item.

Increased Undaunted Key Rewards: The Undaunted key system is getting reworked to reward players for completing more challenging content. However, this does not affect quests, merely daily dungeon quests offered by Urgarlag Chief-bane. Below are the changes to Undaunted Keys in Update 41:

  • Normal: increased from 1 to 2 Keys.
  • Veteran: increased from 1 to 3 Keys.
  • Veteran Hard Mode: increased from 2 to 4 Keys.

3 Status Effects

Status Effect Changes Update 41 the Elder Scrolls Online

The recent changes to status effects in Elder Scrolls Online aim to balance the effectiveness of various types. Previously, Damage over Time (DOT) effects were favored due to their frequency and potency. However, the developer’s goal was to enhance underused effects while reducing the dominance of DOT effects. Although buffs and nerfs were implemented, the balance remains skewed towards DOT effects like Burning and Poisoned.

While some improvements were made to lesser-used effects like Sundered and Hemorrhaging, they still fall short in comparison. Additionally, the changes impact weapon traits and enchants, with Double Charged emerging as a potential meta choice. Despite these adjustments, Burning (flame) and Poisoned enchants and status effects remain some of the best choices for maximizing DPS.

Summary of Status Effect Changes

Below is a summarized list of the Status Effect Changes in ESO Update 41:

  • Charged Weapon Trait (nerfed): Reduced chance of applying status effects to 235%, down from 365%.
  • Burning (nerfed): Reduced the damage by -6%.
  • Chill (buffed): Increased the damage by -106%.
  • Concussed (buffed): Increased the damage by +106% and additional +15% damage to targets Concussed.
  • Diseased (buffed): Increased the damage by +88%, area damage in 6-meters, and major Defile. 
  • Hemorrhaging (reworked): Reworked to stack up to 3x times, increasing damage per stack, overall weaker due to Barb Trap Change. 
  • Overcharged (buffed): Increased the damage by +106% and instantly restores magicka.
  • Poisoned (nerfed): Reduced the damage by -30% per tick, duration reduced, damage scales like an execute with 100% bonus depending on the health of the target.
  • Sundered (changed): Increased the damage by +106% and also grants 100 Weapon and Spell Damage for 4 seconds.
  • Barbed Trap (nerfed): now increases the damage done of the initial hit by 20% and the initial hit now always applies the Hemorrhaging status effect, rather than increasing the chances of applying the effect by 10 times.
Build Changes

Your builds in Elder Scrolls Online Update 41 are likely to use a double charge trait, or at least one charged with Nirn or Precise. If you have an “off-meta” setup, you won’t be penalized dramatically. These changes likely affect the top-tier players pushing the most damage possible in the game. Moreover, you can still stick with Flame and Poison enchants on your weapons, though Barb Trap took the biggest hit in application along with hemorrhaging.

From a PvP perspective, this means Masters Dual Wield with Rending Slashes may see players switching their setups due to the changes. However, these changes open up more options for the everyday player to experiment especially with Sundered granting weapon and spell damage. This is helpful for “proc” builds that rely on high weapons and spell damage.

TLDR: don’t change anything and you’ll be fine. Expect some meta shifts in skills and gear because of the status effect change that will unfold over time as we play more of the patch.

2 Gear Sets

How to Use The Blind Set - ESO Scions of Ithelia DLC - Effect -  Update 41

ESO Scions of Ithelia includes 8 near-item sets, while Update 41 (base game) includes one new mythic and 3 new rewards of the worth gear sets. Below is a summarized list of the new gear sets:

Oathsworn Pit Sets
  • Cinders of Anthelmir (light) – On damage dealt, summons a Cindermoth that chases enemies, bursting after 8 seconds to deal Flame Damage and apply Burning.
  • Sluthrug’s Hunger (medium) – Healing grants Blood Hungry effect, while direct damage causes enemies to become Bloodied, increasing damage taken and dealt to Blood Hungry targets.
  • Black-Glove Grounding (heavy) – Creates an area after taking direct damage, granting Grounding to allies, reducing roll dodge cost and increasing block mitigation.
  • Anthelmir’s Construct (monster) – Fully charged heavy attack throws an axe at the enemy, dealing Physical Damage and reducing their Armor. Axe pickup reduces cooldown.
Bedlam Veil Sets
  • Blind Path Induction (light) – Strengthens Damage Shields by 13% for targets within 15 meters, and increases Healing Done by 13% for targets beyond 15 meters.
  • Tarnished Nightmare (medium) – Critical Damage to enemies causes glass shards to burst, dealing Physical Damage and applying the Sundered status effect. Can occur every 8 seconds, scaling with Weapon or Spell Damage.
  • Reflected Fury (heavy) – Taunting enemies grants Broken Shards stacks, releasing them in an 8-meter blast when expired, dealing Physical Damage and applying Major Maim, scaling with Max Health.
  • The Blind (monster) – Critical healing grants a Damage Shield to absorb damage, and grants Minor Force to the target for increased Critical Damage.
  • Torc of the Last Ayleid King (necklace) – grants 1337 Weapon and Spell Damage, 500 Health, Magicka, and Stamina Recovery, and reduces your damage taken by 15%, rather than increasing your damage and healing done by 20% and reducing your damage taken by 20%.
Rewards of the Worthy
  • Oakfather’s Retribution (light) – Gains Offensive Penetration and Weapon/Spell Damage against enemies with Major and Minor Buffs respectively.
  • Blunted Blades (medium) – Taking direct damage applies Minor Enervation to enemies, reducing their Critical Damage. Increased damage to enemies with Minor Enervation.
  • Baan Dar’s Blessing (heavy) – Reduces the duration of Crowd Control effects on you and your enemies.
Gear and Build Changes
ESO PvP Gear Setup

The newest gear sets are likely to have little impact on the current meta in ESO. Meaning, that you are likely to not swap out your current meta gear in PvE and PvP due to the weakness of the new item sets. The DPS PvE sets added are at least 5,000 less DPS than current meta sets (Pillars of Nirn, Whorl of Depths, etc).

From a PvP perspective, both Torc of the Last Ayleid King and The Blind Monster helm have some possibilities in builds. Torc will be useful to lower damage dramatically and still give you access to both bars without the need for having a complex gear loadout. Secondly, the Blind Monster helm increases the effectiveness of shields. Shields will now interact with Major and Minor vitality and defile (healing and healing debuffs). Thus, this might be strong for a high survivability Magicka Sorcerer build.

Based on testing and the values shown so far on the Public Test Server (PTS), these item sets seem underwhelming and do not require you to farm for hours to stay relevant.

1 Class Changes

Update 41 Class Balance Changes in the Elder Scrolls Online

Here’s a summary of the class changes in Elder Scrolls Online Update 41:

  • Fatecarver: Damage reduced per tick by -7%, and the morph Pragmatic Fatecarver’s damage shield potency decreased by -16%.
  • Psychic Lesion: Passive’s increase to applying status effects reduced by -20%.
  • The Imperfect Ring: Increased radius for ability and morphs by 6 meters.
  • Rune of Displacement: Morph’s radius increased by 2 meters.
  • Combustion: Increases damage done with Burning and Poisoned by 40%, up from 33%, and grants Magicka and Stamina whenever these effects are applied.
  • Engulfing Flames: Flame Damage taken debuff now scales with offensive stats.
  • Blastbones: Reworked to summon a skeleton that boosts damage done with class abilities and Damage over Time effects.
  • Death Knell: Passive’s Critical Chance increased per slotted ability.
  • Animate Blastbones: Morph reworked to spawn Blighted Blastbones.
  • Grave Lord’s Sacrifice: Morph reworked to spawn Blighted Blastbones and create corpses on Flame Skull casts.
  • Incapacitating Strike: Enhanced version’s damage increased and duration extended.
  • Soul Harvest: This morph’s slotted bonus now persists through bar swap.
  • Concealed Weapon: Morph now deals increased damage and grants an additional damage bonus after leaving Stealth or Invisibility.
  • Debilitate: Morph now increases the chance of applying the Overcharged status effect.
  • Siphoning Strikes * Leeching Strikes: reworked to add health when you deal damage.
  • Encase: Reworked to grant Major Maim and immobilization.
  • Restraining Prison: Morph was renamed to Vibrant Shroud and acts as a burst heal similar to Blessing of Protection but doesn’t immobilize.
  • Daedric Minefield: Morph was renamed to Daedric Refuge and now grants damage shield to allies.
  • Lighting Spalsh: increase the radius by 2 meters.
  • Conjured Ward: now heals you for 15% of your Max Health or Magicka (whichever is higher) if no pets were shielded by the abilities.
  • Power of the Light: Morph now always applies the Sundered status effect.
  • Glacial Presence: Passive potency reduced by -50%.
  • Northern Storm: Morph damage increased and Ultimate grants Weapon and Spell Damage.
  • Permafrost: Morph damage reduced.
Class and Build Changes

The most substantial changes to ESO Update 41 are to the Necromancer, Sorcerer, and Arcanist. The Necromancer class saw a reworking of their core main spammables while the Sorcerer received some much-needed burst healing options and an increase in shield effectiveness. However, the Arcanist saw a reduction in overall damage, but it still maintains its throne as the best overall class in the Elder Scrolls Online.

Necromancer changes are quite dramatic and were likely made to simplify the rotation. However, the problem persists with the class which is weak resource sustain and less damage than other meta classes.

In terms of PvP, Nightblades have much better resource sustain and flexible morph choices for damage. Dragonknights are likely to remain very strong, and Necromancer Blastbone change could change the class in this regard. However, the biggest change is to the Sorcerer who is likely to skyrocket back into the meta with powerful shields, Asylum Destruction Staff, and Crushing Shock with Shield stacking return.

Overall, classes like Arcanist and Dragonknight are expected to see DPS decreases in PvE, while Necromancer experiences changes in rotation complexity with potential DPS fluctuations depending on setup and the impact of the Trap nerf. Stay tuned when this patch launches as we will change and update our builds!

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