Redfall Siren Ability

Redfall: Siren Ability

In Redfall, Siren Ability belongs to one of the playable characters Remi de la Rosa. This skill incorporates her advanced robot and can help lure enemies to the designated locations.

Redfall Remi de la Rosa Guide and Abilities
Remi de la Rosa Abilities

Each hero is distinct, and Remi’s abilities are probably the most solo-friendly in Redfall. However, she can play an important support role in the team. This short guide explains one of the unique skills in Redfall, the Siren ability.

Siren Ability

Remi is a very good hero for solo playthroughs, thanks to her many support abilities and aggressive playstyle. However, she is even more useful in the group providing support and healing to the entire team. Firstly, let’s take a look at the story behind how Remi found herself in the middle of the Vampire vs Humanity war in Redfall.

Remi de la Rosa is a combat engineer and robotics specialist. Her motivation to protect people around her made her join Coast Guard. During her job and many travels, he designed Bribón, a highly advanced robot designed to be a decoy, cover and attack drone all in one.

One day Remi’s team was tasked to investigate Redfall island, but on their way to examine the Redfall incident, the ship was destroyed, and her entire crew was lost. Now, with the Bribón’s help, she uses her knowledge as a robotic expert and Coast Guard member to protect citizens and her team from vampires and cultists.

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As an elite Navy rescue team member, her biggest strengths are in remote-operated search-and-rescue technology, as a result, she is the perfect character to support the team while dealing considerable damage. In solo, single-player playthrough, you can play Remi on a tanky build and easily take out entire vampire nests.

In-game, her robot has his own statistics and, most importantly, health pool, so he acts as a separate AI character and addition to the team.

Redfall Siren Ability
Siren Ability

Redfall Siren Ability is a skill that incorporates Bribón. Players can order the robot to go to a specific location and create loud noises that can distract enemies or lure them to the robot. Bribón takes on a defensive posture, so it can survive additional damage. Perfect for luring all your enemies in one place and then using explosives to kill all vampires at once. Also, if you like a sneak playstyle, you can use this ability as a distraction.

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