What to Expect from the Avowed Xbox Livestream

Discover more Avowed news, gameplay, and details about the 2024 upcoming RPG in Xbox Livestream, and what we expect to see!

Avowed Xbox Livestream
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Avowed Xbox Livestream – What to Expect

On January 18, 2024, Xbox is hosting a live stream covering some of the most exciting games coming out soon for Xbox with Developer_Direct including Avowed. The team at Obsidian shared the following details about the upcoming livestream:

  • The team at Obsidian will share the first deep dive into the gameplay experience fans can expect in Avowed, their upcoming fantasy action RPG, set in the fantastical, vibrant Living Lands. Learn more about how Obsidian’s expertise in building worlds with deep themes, dynamic gameplay, and thoughtful reactivity come to life in Avowed where players will have agency to make choices to shape every step of their adventure.
Xbox Developer Direct 2024

Here is what we know about Avowed and what we can expect from the Avowed Xbox livestream this week.

What is Avowed?

Avowed RPG What We Know

Avowed is Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming fantasy action RPG.Set in the Living Lands, a new region in the world of Eora. Avowed expands on the captivating world of Eora, first explored in Pillars of Eternity RPG. The Living Lands are a brand-new region with a very different atmosphere than the Eastern Reach from the Pillars of Eternity games.

While Pillars of Eternity is a semi-turn-based action RPG, Avowed appears to be a more open-world first-person RPG. This style of gameplay is familiar to RPG fans with series like the Elder Scrolls series or Fallout. Obsidian Entertainment is the same developer who created Fallout: New Vegas (published by Bethesda Softworks). Most likely, the Avowed playstyle seems much more plausible to follow a similar route.

The Living Lands in Avowed

Avowed Living lands

The Living Lands is an island in the world of Eora where Avowed takes place. The Avowed trailer showcases many different environments within the Living Lands. The environments shown included highland plains, mushroom-topped landscapes, forests, stone cities, ocean-side caverns, and many more.

Still, Obsidian Entertainment refers to the Living Lands as an island. We aren’t sure whether Avowed will take place in the Living Lands or if it’s a very large island. However, this will lead to countless hours and exploration throughout the Living Lands.

If we learned anything definite from the trailer, it’s that the Living Lands are very diverse. There are not just a few types of environments we will be exploring. From lush forests to sprawling deserts, the Living Lands teem with an abundance of interconnected ecosystems, bringing the region to life

Avowed Gameplay Showcase

Avowed Gameplay Features
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Avowed doesn’t look like it will have the same gameplay as Pillars of Eternity. As mentioned previously, the Avowed gameplay appears to be exclusively first-person, with dynamic fighting styles, weapons, and enemy types.

The upcoming Xbox Livestream holds exciting potential for Avowed fans! We’re hoping to dive deeper into the game’s core companion system, including introductions to new party members who’ll join the protagonist on their adventures. While the trailer already gave us Kai, a seasoned “coastal aumaua” with a soldier’s past, hints in the footage suggest additional companions exist. Gameplay deep dives could offer a glimpse into the diverse characters populating Avowed’s vibrant world, including another companion.

In Pillars of Eternity, you could have multiple companions, chosen from 11 different characters, and you could even create custom companions from any inn in the game. If the core combat style is changing, that doesn’t necessarily mean the style of multiple companions will be changing from Pillars of Eternity to Avowed.

Avowed Combat System

Combat System in Avowed RPG

The Avowed combat system appears to be dynamic and creative. Taking a style similar to Elder Scrolls or Fallout, many different weapon types can be equipped, including ranged and melee weapons. The Xbox trailer showcases many different types and groups of enemies with a relatively wide combat zone. Enemy packs will attack in groups, meaning you’ll utilize different types of attacks to damage close enemies, while pressuring further away enemies.

You can use range to do this, or you can jump and leap to engage ranged enemies at melee range. While it isn’t definitive, the Avowed trailer only showcases first-person combat with some more cinematic third-person animations. The Xbox Livestream might shed light on third-person options, but Avowed’s combat seems primarily designed for an immersive first-person experience

Freedom of Weapon Choice

The upcoming trailer has us eager to uncover how combat approaches play out in Avowed. Will specific styles be mandatory, or can players forge their own path? For instance, magic seems potent for clearing out crowds and crippling bosses. As we consider character builds, we’ll be watching for the diversity of viable options and whether mixing and matching fighting styles offer an edge.

While the trailer seems to suggest the latter, it’s more likely that Obsidian Entertainment wanted to show as many different styles as possible, while the reality is focusing on certain builds will be the best way to take down enemies in Avowed. This is just one of the ways a game trailer can give an unrealistic impression of the combat system.

In the Xbox livestream this week, you can expect to see a deeper dive into the Avowed combat system, with an extended look at gameplay from the developers.

Will Obsidian Entertainment Announce an Avowed Release Date?

Avowed Release Date Announcement

Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming Xbox Livestream on January 18 holds an exciting possibility: revealing Avowed’s release date! While 2024 already marks Avowed’s confirmed year, pinpointing the exact month remains a guessing game. Looking at Obsidian’s past releases, the studio doesn’t favor specific seasons.

However, even if a fixed date isn’t announced, the livestream might offer valuable clues. We might learn the season – spring or fall – or even a timeframe within that season (September or October, for instance). And, perhaps most importantly, the depth and stage of the showcased gameplay could provide a solid foundation for informed release date estimates.

Avowed Weapon Types

Weapon Types in Avowed
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One of the ways the trailer gives viewers a lot of information is in the weapon types showcased. In the trailer, we saw many different types of magic, ranged weapons like bows and guns, physical weapons like swords and axes, and many different combinations of the above, and we even saw the player use their foot to kick an opponent.

While the trailer was packed with countless weapon types, we’re not sure if the gameplay showcase will pack as many different weapon types as possible. Instead, we may see a more in-depth look at how you can customize certain weapon types. In the trailer, we see a moment where the character is using two glowing flintlocks and another where they swing a sword on fire that appears to disintegrate the enemy’s body. It looks like many of the weapons can be infused with magic or enchantments.

Because of this, we expect to see a few weapon types with a closer look at how you can customize each weapon to meet your desired play style.

Avowed Enemy Types

Enemy Types in Avowed
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One of the things we’re more excited about is the enemy types in Avowed. In the trailer, we’re introduced to many different large and smaller enemy types. We met a large bear covered in mushrooms, a giant with a club, a huge crab, dinosaurs, and many undead or soldier enemies.

While we may see developers fight the same enemies from the trailer, it isn’t too much to expect them to showcase a new large enemy type. We still aren’t sure whether we will see new enemies, or if the trailer focused on introducing as many enemy types as possible, and we’ll see a closer look at just a couple of the enemy types in the trailer.

At the very least, we expect to see one of the larger enemies as a kind of “boss fight.”

Tune In to the Avowed Xbox Livestream

Xbox Developer Direct 2024

Does Obsidian Entertainment’s Avowed look like something you’re interested in playing?

If you watch the Xbox livestream on January 18, 2024, you’ll get an in-depth look at many of the game’s core features. Though we’ve gathered much of this information from the Avowed gameplay trailer, the Xbox livestream will be the first extended look at gameplay and core mechanics. You can expect to learn a lot about Avowed in the stream.

Tune in to the live stream on Xbox’s official channels to see all that Avowed will have to offer.

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