Redfall Abilities

Redfall Character Jacob Boyer

Redfall: Jacob Boyer Guide and Best Builds

In Redfall, players take on the role of heroes, premade characters with customization options, backgrounds, and unique abilities, this guide introduces Jacob Boyer, his strengths, and the best builds. The dark and mysterious island of Redfall isn’t probably for “good Vampires” fans. The bloodthirsty monsters are evil and merciless enemies. Once calm and safe Redfall

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Redfall Cloak Ability

Redfall: Cloak Ability

In Redfall, Cloak Ability belongs to one of the playable characters Jacob Boyer. It’s his main escape and mobility tool and probably the most essential ability in the toolkit. Each hero is distinct in Redfall, and Jakob’s abilities match the stealth scout playstyle. This short guide explains one of the unique skills in Redfall, the

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